Saturday, October 13, 2007

I miss him

So today was my Uncle's wedding. Now before I begin this whole story, let me tell you he is not the one I am going to say I miss.

Today was a very beautiful day. The weather was nice. The surroundings stunning. And it was the perfect day for a wedding.

Today my Uncle married his high school sweetheart after all these years. To hear the story of how they reconnected is wonderful and sweet.

So during the reception there were several times I was reminded of the person I miss. Once was during the showing of the new married couple how to kiss. The DJ called on several different couples, mainly my uncles and their wives, to show the newlyweds how a real married couple should kiss.

The next time was during the married couples dance. It was right after the newlyweds first dance. They called out all the married couples to come dance. It was sweet.

The next time was when they got all the married couples out to the dancefloor to dance and the DJ called out if you had been married under X amount of years leave the dance floor....the last couple standing would be the ones married the longest. The couple left dancing was married 53 years!

So these three things scream out who I missed. I missed my husband. He stayed home, not feeling 100%. And I missed him.

I missed the pain in my neck would makes me laugh and loves me for me. Guess I better go give him a kiss, huh?


hangel said...

He is a pain in your neck...and that is part of why you love him. Next time drag him along like I told you to do :-) No Mercy!