Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I can't make this up even if I tried...

Today is a calamity of randomness.

First off I slept until 12:35pm. Yes you read that right. I forgot to set the alarm on my phone. So I just slept and slept. I woke up in a panic and screamed to Chris downstairs. He came trudging up the steps and asked me what. I said, " why the heck didn't you wake me up!?" And he stated he knew I was tired. And then I proceeded to scramble in a hurry to get things done. I kept muttering that I had things to do and I wish he would have woke me up.

And then the mountain of laundry has begun.

And then I had to run to the pharmacy to pick up Chris' morphine. Yeah he is on morphine. *sigh*

And then I had to run to work.

And halfway through the first class I remembered that I hadn't eaten or dranken anything. So my sugar started to crash.

So then I had to find money for a coke.

And then I got off work....

And found somewhere to eat....

And now I am home.

I never said this would be an exciting blog.

Friday, November 6, 2009

*sigh* ok he is cool...

I am now getting hate mail. HATE MAIL! Can you believe that? Little ole me getting hate mail? Such a travesty! This is either a post you will understand or not give a rats tail end about.*

I offended some international hate group (ok, not so much a group because it only is made up of one person, but shit she is in Canada and I am sure she can get a load of them rounded up to kick my ass). This group is EXTREMELY pro-Karate Kid. Yes you heard me right, Karate Kid.

Yes I realize that I must have said something horrific to piss off someone who loves a movie that came out, what a million years ago? I guess I did.

My life is over. Truely over. I pissed someone off that loves some geeky, weird shirt wearing, teenager. I offended them so much that I need to fear for my life.

I have since taken up in the witness protection program. They made a special circumstance for me and allowed me into the group. Seen as how I really didn't witness anything they made room for me. They said they didn't want to piss of the Canadians. I said, "eh, fine find me a cool crib to live in."

So now I am sitting here in this crap fest of a house. Somehow I think the Canadian won.

I should probally appologize. She is really smart and I bet she will find me. Crap. Ok fine, he is cool.

*Betcha only Sara cares...