Sunday, August 31, 2008

The joys of being a student?

As I sat in the lab portion of my Anatomy class I pondered why I was really there. I even jotted down in my notes, "what the hell have I gotten myself into?"

First of all, I anticipated being in a class full of students fresh out of high school. That was false. From what I can tell just one girl is fresh out of high school, and she is not at all one of those students. You know what I mean. From everything I can tell she actually wants to be there to learn.

Also I anticipated some diversity. False again. The class is all women. Yep all women. Poor poor instructor is male. He is out numbered. I suspect we all will pass the class. He he

Besides those two obervations I have nothing else to add about the class. It's still too soon to figure it out.

I am however in piles of things to do for the class. Alot of memorization and refreshing my mind. I am still amazed that I was able to teach my lab partners the different bones. I thought for certain I had forgot.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 days...What the hell am I thinking?

2 lucky and glorious days left until I am blessed enough to be sitting in a room with 50 other people pondering why in the hell I decided to take Human Anatomy & Physiology. Now you know they are asking themselves the same damn question.

The look of desperation and anxiety is clearly written on their faces. Just take a good look at them. They are the ones that turn around, look at everyone before class begins, hoping they see someone they know. But you never find someone you know. Because in reality your the moron of your group who decided that taking this upper level course would be fun. Pfft. Like I said, moron.

But have no fears. I am sitting in that same class as you. I look around too, scoping out the place, wondering who I can hit up to be a lab partner or study buddy. More often than not I never find a soul. Usually the class is filled with some kids fresh out of high school who only got into this class on a technicality because they "took" some other class in high school. And always they are the ones that drop like flies because who really cares if you pass or fail when Daddy is paying for your class. Bitter? Who me? Never.

So here I will be the oldie out of the class. The one who really really needs to pass the class and can not be bothered with "kids" goofing around in lab or lecture. My nose in a book is what I will be. I will have to hit up my friends, who thought their Anatomy lingo was long gone after they graduated, to quiz me and run thru my note cards with me. *snicker* But nope, they will be roped into helping me.

Until then I must sleep. Must sleep and get whatever sleep I can get, because hell or high water I am going to show all those "kids" that an oldie can get an A!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lack of Creativity

Its 11:41pm here. I have the olympics on in the back ground. I hear the hum of the air conditioner. It's peaceful. The husband is asleep..all is well in the world.

But I am lacking some creativity. I noticed today that I am not being creative anymore. I used to paint, scrapbook, draw, write...the whole 9 yards. But lately I am just a blah. Nothing is getting me motivated to be creative. I wish I could get out of this funk.

I haven't even blogged in awhile. I haven't had anything to share, nothing worth plastering out here to the world. It is quite sad. I find it sad at least. Do you?

I am sorry that this is the most boring blog ever. I have just been in a funk, not sure what is going on, but it's a funk that I am not sure will have a end in sight. I am just taking it day by day. And thankfully my ever wonderful friend C is able to make me laugh. Without her I would just be a bump on a log.

On a lighter note...7 days until classes start. Im very indifferent to the whole thing. Ask me in 7 days how I feel. Maybe I will be nervous. I am trying not to be because then my stomach gets in knots and its a VERY unpleasant thing. My anxiety tends to show up in nasty stomach issues. Too much information I know. But hey what the hell else am I gonna blog about?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In 9 days

In 9 days I will be returning back to the grind. Back to the grind of studying, worrying about grades, tests and all that other nonsense. I am returning back to school.

I decided a couple of months ago that I needed to further my schooling in order to get a better job. Better in the sense of monetary wise. Better as a whole? Maybe, but I have yet to find that out.

I am scared of making a transition, I don't transition or accept change all that well. I like the comfort and sanctity of a normal life. I can't remember half the time what I need to do, why screw with what my body does on autopilot?

I am sure that the blogs will slow down a bit, maybe even halt for awhile...but then again I could surprise the hell out of the two of us (I say two of us, because I think only one other person reads this...if not, get your sorry ass to the comment portion of this and let me know you read it!) and start blogging about random school things and the weird people that accompany me to a Friday night/Saturday morning Anatomy and Physiology class.

I may shock the hell out of us.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


So I am back from a first birthday party! So much fun :)

It was so cute. Joie (pronounced Joey) was adorable. She wore a tutu and had a crown, wand and sparkly shoes. Erin (my SIL) made a castle cake that was beautiful.

It was nice, but there was an absence without my brother. But we recorded it all for him and kept saying Joie say hi to daddy...and she would wave her hands and smile to the camera. He is going to love it. But I swear looking into her eyes is like looking into my brothers. While its adorable its also sad a bit.

My "mother" (birth mother) was there with her boyfriend. *sigh* Why I expected more I have no clue. But she didn't say a word to me. It was so apparent and clear I am not good enough for her. In fact when someone asked her if she only had Tom as a child, she said o no, flung her hand over and said well thats my daughter. She didnt even say my name. She refused to come near me. Whatever. Her loss not mine. But it was so obvious that I am not what she wants in her life. Apparently I am not good enough. *sigh*

Other than that it was a beautiful party. Lots of girly stuff and lots of kids playing. It was wonderful. I got to spend time with my little Joie and give her kisses. Erin kept saying go to Auntie Angel and Joie would walk over to me and open her mouth with this huge grin and then reach her hand up for mine. We share a good connection. She looked an awful lot like me when she was born. You would have thought we were sisters or I was her mama.

But I am back. Long long drive, but o so worth it all.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The same or different?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup...Reese's Peanut Butter Whipped Bar. Should be the same right? Nope not at all. For some reason I seem to think the Cups have a much more richer peanut butter flavor. The Bar...its a soft slightly less as rich peanut butter flavor. I am not sure I am making sense. You will have to try it to understand.

So your homework...

Go out and buy one of each of these and compare them.

Then also buy two variations of the same candy bar. Like 3 Musketeers and a 3 musketeers mint... you get my drift. Then report back to me :)

This is an excuse for you to eat junk, quit your complaining!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Seminar-

The seminar went well. It was supposed to only last a hour, but it lasted two. All because some lady thought that this was her personal seminar and asked a shit load of questions that really didn't matter. But anyways...

I found out the program is what I am looking for. There is a wait tho. A long wait considering the program that I want to get into specifically is part time on Friday and Saturdays. Long days, but I would only go to school and clinicals those days and would be able to work full time, thankfully.

I learned a bit more about the fellowship I will apply for. I want it badly. VERY BADLY! Its a fellowship with a hospital I really like and would really want to work for. Basically I give them 3 years of employment and they pay for my nursing school and then I do my clinicals with them. Its beyond exciting and exactly what I want. Hopefully I will get it.

Thats it in a nutshell....

Im tackeling my desk right now...trying to get it organized. oiy!

Monday, August 4, 2008

At some point... ( a list )

At some point I will:

-get my price list done for couponing
-clean off my desk
-mop the floor
-clean the dishes
-scrub the counters
-wash the mirrors
-do laundry
-go thru the never ending pile of laundry
-sort thru the mail
-organize the bookcase
-go thru boxes
-organize the curio cabinet
-wash the car
-reorganize the living room
-put together my backpack for college
-sort thru this pile of papers next to the comput
-give Lady a bath
-and whatever else I am supposed to be doing

But for now...Im off to a nursing seminar at the college to see if this program is for me. Wish me luck. I will post my findings tonight.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Interesting? Who me? Please

So I was so graciously given the tag to post 7 interesting things about myself. Thank good ole Courtney for giving me the tag.

Also thank her for the ever seemingly boring list that I am about to blog here. Because lord knows I am as boring as they get. 24 hours later and I still don't have the foggiest clue what I should really be listing. Here is my lame attempt.

1.I am the first in my immediate family to get a tatoo. Don't worry, it's in a harmless place.No need to cover your eyes.It's rated G.

2.I carry the badge of furbaby mommy very proudly. I can not have children right now, if ever. So my little furry babies (dogs and cats)are my children. And I am not weird about it, I promise. I don't dress them in weird outfits or anything.

3.I have never done an illegal drug, yet I get to play with drugs for a living and legally too! Yep you read right. Never touched an illegal drug ever. I was too damn scared of my Dad to ever do one. That and it never really appealed to me.

4.I am seriously freaked out by people taking earrings out of their ears.And when I say freaked out, I mean freaked out!It scares the shit
out of me!

5.I can not go on long car rides without anti-nausea medication.
Even if I am driving I need it. When I was younger I got car sick all the time.My parents thought I would grow out of it. Nope, never have.

6.I'm damn good at keeping secrets. I have a few up my sleeve right now. One in particular is HUGE news....

7.I can change the oil in a car, rotate the tires, rebuild a engine...but I refuse to touch a car battery! Car batteries freak me out for some reason. Maybe it was because of hearing one explode.

Ok, so enough of my lame list. I know pass on the tag to a wonderful gal who desperately needs to find out the interesting things about herself, the wonderful Miss Andi!