Monday, January 28, 2008

I just may be going bald...

So I have a tendency to lose alot of my hair. I run my hand thru it and out comes a ton of hair. Its aggravating and annoying combined. You would think I would be bald with the way I am losing hair.

Its so bad that when I get my hair cut the poor hairstylist constantly has to wipe their hands on a towel to get my long hair off their hands. Ive been asked a million times if I have a thyroid condition or something else. No I do not. Ive been tested twice a year for it. Swear.

So anyways....

Too Much Information Alert! I warned you!

So I have been having issues with the drain in my tub. Its been clogged beyond belief. I bought some draino stuff and it didn't help. So last night in my insomnia filled night I decided to get to the bottom of it. I got some sponges, some scrubbing bubbles, a paper clip, paper towels, and a pair of scissors. I sound like I was going into combat in the amazon or something....

Anyways. I tackle the drain. And come out with seriously the biggest chunk of hair I have ever seen. Amazingly my drain is pretty clean. Ive seen some really bad ones, and with the exception of the hair it was clean. No nastiness on the hair.

Ok how sad is this that this is all I have to blog about? Seriously?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Late Night Thoughts

1. I can't believe I am blogging as much as I have been, I am sure Courtney is thrilled.
2. I am up way too late at night.
3. Are the clothes dry yet?
4. What the heck is Mario Lopez wearing on Extra TV?
5. Chris really starts work tomorrow? (Actually today because its 12:20am...and crap I have to wake up in 5 hours to take him to work!)
6. Again I am up way too late at night.
7. Damn it! I drank 3 sodas today! Crap!
8. I wonder if there is any chocolate in this house...
9. Are the clothes dry yet?
10. This chair is not comfortable at all.
11. I wonder who I am working with tomorrow, Chris or Lindsay or both?
12. Where the heck is the puppy?
13. She is probally with Chris (DH)...
14. Traitor!
15. Is it sad that I can't wait for Chris (DH) to get the heck out of the house?
16. If it is, who the hell cares?
17. Man my stomach feels blah!
18. Sleepy time...
19. I am getting tired
20. Ok time to sign off and go to bed.

and one last thought....
21. Are the clothes dry yet?

Mittens-Check, Toothpaste-Check, Coat-......

So I am packing for this trip to Boston. Yes I know its like 25 days away, but I am just about as anal retentive as the next lunatic in the insane asylum. Yes I am on medication for it, but that is another blog for another day.

OK, so I am making a list (yes I have checked it twice, maybe even more, and I ain't no damn Santa). I have just about everything on this list even a coat. At least its somewhere in this house. I think its in the guest room under the twenty piles of clothes I have. Literally twenty piles it seems. But for me to have a coat that would even be suitable to wear to Boston during the winter is a miracle and kinda strange in its own sense.

Its strange because I live in Arizona, and I would never wear a coat like this. I'm usually a light coat kinda gal. I'm thinking the simple fact that I own this jacket just solidifies the fact that I own way too much crap.

Ironically I have nothing to hold all of this crap I am taking in. Crazy huh? You would think in this Stanford & Son remake of a house I would have a suitcase. I can't even find the duffel bag I "thought" I owned. I must have thrown it out or something. I have no idea. The only semi suitable compartment that I own is a little bitty suitcase (think big enough to hold one pair of shoes) that my grandmother gave me, circa 1950. That's the suitcase I shove miscellaneous pictures in and then shoved in the back of the closet. Lord I can't even believe I am admitting to owning such a relic.

So anyways. I've made this list a few times, editing, rewriting (much to the dismay of Courtney I presume lol), and tweaking. I think I have it all just about figured out.

Now all I need is the suitcase, which I think Courtney said she had one for me, and to find the coat I have.

And then I am to the land of snow and cold!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I have this theory...hear me out...

So I have this theory. I am by no means a rocket scientist...I barely passed Lab in Chemistry (damn teacher and her panties in a wad...O wait thats another story). But I do know something about theories.

I've talked about my theory of American Idol and the insane people who go on it. How they are horrible and that the only reason why these horrible people go on American Idol is because there clearly is NOT someone in their lives who loves them. Someone who loves them enough to tell them they suck and will make a ass out of themselves for the whole world to see.

But I have a new theory.

I was checking out some other blogs, reading and laughing. When I came across one that talked about the all mighty Girl Scout Cookies. Suddenly I was dreaming of a Samoa or a Thin Mint in my mouth. My mouth was drooling. Wanting to savour the sweet existance of the Girl Scout Cookie. Ahhh...pure heaven.

Wake up to reality...

First and foremost, I can't get one right now anyways. They are just in the midst of ordering them. And yes I know they are because my bosses daughter is a Girl Scout. (Note to self: Make sure to tell boss that his daughter can NEVER stop being a Girl Scout and even if I have to I will take her to her meetings...that way there is always a IN for the cookies) And yes I have ordered a box or two...ok 5. Shut up. I dont need a lecture.

Secondly, I simply can NOT eat them. Its not indicative of the eating habits I have now. Im trying to eat better. Im trying to lose weight. But Damn those cookies!

So my theory?

The Girl Scouts have a evil plan. They produce these ordering sheets in hopes of your ordering. And if you dont, then they man a little girl at the door of a grocery store. Where she bats her eyes, looks sad because you just might tell her no, and has signs up about helping their troop reach their goal so they can go to the zoo of all places. Its a evil plan because how in the world are you supposed to tell a little girl in brown no? Tell me how?

And they do this all the first two months of a New Years Resolution! Conspiracy? I think so.

But Damn those cookies are good!

Can we say Holy Shit?!?!

I embarked on my normal grocery endeavor last night. I had my list all planned to the T. And they actually had every single thing I needed. That in itself is a miracle from God.

Whenever there is a good sale at this grocery store its enevidable they run out of half of my list. Then I grunt, moan, complain, and sift thru the rest of my coupons contemplating leaving my entire cart in the middle of a isle. Leaving it for some dimwit in the store to finally put back. But I was raised better than that. Raised to keep my mouth shut, buy the crap and get the hell out of the store. So I usually do.

Last night was a weird experience with the store being stocked, but the most random people go to the store in the late evening. Just random people. Take the twenty some-thing year olds, sifting their way thru the store with just a carry basket. The poor guy is carrying it all the while the girl is shoving things in the basket. It looked like the poor guys arm was going to come off.

And then there was the woman with 5 kids. All under the age of 10. How the hell she managed to get them all out of the car, into the store, and within a 10 foot distance from her I will never know. She deserves a medal or something.

And then there is the grumpy old mad who clearly lives by himself. Grumpy in the sense that he has a scowl on his face, pushing his cart like a mad man, and huffing and puffing. Clearly alone by the looks of just two bananas in his cart.

And then there is me. Armed with coupons, scouring the isles, wanting to get out of the store quickly and for the cheapest amount possible.

So whats the Holy Shit in all of this? Here is what I got:

3 Dole Salad Mixes
1 Orange Punch
3 packages sliced Turkey
2 packages Beer Brats
3 packages of Dog treats
1 hairspray
1 toothpaste
1 deodarant
3 packages sliced cheese
2 bars of cheese
4 packages of shredded cheese
3 boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese (not the cheap boxes)
2 packages instant potatoes
4 bottles of Kraft Ranch Dressing
1 bottle of Kraft Italian Dressing
1 bottle of Kraft Creamy Italian Dressing
2 Purell Hand Sanitizers
2.52 lbs of Bananas
0.56 lbs of Yellow Onion

Grand Total= $25.11 (that I paid)

I saved $93.17 (of that $48.47 in coupons, $44.70 in in store promotions)
Total Savings= 80%

Can we say Holy Shit?!?!?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just a little construction...

Hey its a work in progress I say. I am finding some things I like and adding them. Hope you like them. If not....ehh the one person reading this probally does, so it doesn't matter. LOL

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Pain is getting to me

So this pain. Its really becoming unbearable.

Ive had some issues with my right thigh. Its always felt a little strange since I packed on the weight I keep lugging around. It has kinda felt like it was asleep in the sense, but without that hurting tingling feeling you get when your foot is asleep. Its never really bothered me as long as I didnt touch my thigh. If I did I would get weirded out by it and it would hurt a bit.

I talked to the Dr about it. He said he thought it was from the weight I am carrying in my stomach. He thought it was pinching a nerve somewhere, maybe even straining it. I didnt persue the issue and dropped it.

Well its gotten extremely worse in a VERY short amount of time. Now both of my legs are affected and I wince in pain. Its affecting my sleep and that to me is the core of my being. If I can not sleep, kill me now, life is not worth living. I know, dramatic, but I am literally addicted. Sleep is like my narcotic that I can NOT get enough of. I am a sleep junkie.

So its a horrific pain. Shooting, stabbing pains, like someone is literally stabbing me in the thighs. The only position that makes it bearable is sitting. And even then there is some pain, but not alot. This position is clearly not an option at work, where I am on my feet for 8 hours.

So this is the main reason I am wanting to lose weight. I can NOT take this torture and pain any longer. Im in pain and cry when I lay down at night because of it. Its gotten so bad that I think the puppy knows and is gentle with me if she jumps up on my legs. She puts one paw gingerly on my leg and then the next. She doesnt want to hurt me.

I have a appointment on the 21st of Feb (the day before I leave on my trip). I hope he can help me. I desperately need something to take until I can lose this weight. So please pray that it lessens a bit for me, that I get some relief, that the dr understands and that I lose this weight quickly.

Im just so damned tired of it all, really.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What?!? I didnt blog about this?!?!

How can that be? How could I not blog about such an exciting event in my life?

I mean really, don't you all want to hear it? O wait, who is you anyways? I mean really I only know 1 person who reads this rambling. Although there may be more now that I have freely admitted to a few that this rambling is owned by me. Yes these are my thoughts, yes I am nuts, yes I am on medication, and yes I do need help. Care to help me?

Ok enough about my insaneness....

So I am going on a trip. A wonderful and beautiful trip. All by my lonesome without a husband to ask me a million questions about things that I honestly could care less about. Without a husband who nags me and drives me bonkers and makes me want to run for the hills, screaming the entire way, "I can't hear you!" Seriously I do love him with my whole heart, but I need to get away. My mind is tired.

So I am flying to Boston. Boston? Why Boston? Well for various reasons really. Number one, Cathy, my friend, is giving me this wonderful gift. She is making this whole trip possible. And because of her kindness, love, friendship, and everything else that she is, I am able to travel far from home for the first time in my life. Granted I have never physically met Cathy, I consider her my friend. That is until I find out she is a fat, hairy, middle-aged, balding man. That will be the moment I turn and run back thru security at the airport. All kidding aside, she is truely a angel.

I get to meet some wonderful women that I have met online. Women that I have never met in person, but have always treated me like a friend. Women who have made me laugh, picked me up when I was down, made me cry, and almost pee my pants.

I can hardly wait! I get to go in exactly 1 MONTH!

I am a ball of nerves. I am flying literally across the country. It's not the flying that has me nervous, or even meeting new people, but the airport is freaking me out. I have absolutely no idea why, and catch myself laughing at myself for how dumb I truely sound. But hey, I have only flown twice in my life. Both times were between California and Arizona, so it wasn't like a "real" trip or anything. This is a REAL adventure for me. And I am scared.

That and I am totally not prepared for this weather I am about to encounter. I come from the land of desert. The land of dirt, sweat, hot days, melting your skin, hair on fire, almost pass out from heat get my drift. How in the world am I supposed to live thru cold? Thru snow? Thru wind? I will live just fine. I will enjoy every single moment of it. After all its a grand adventure right? I think so, yet butthead (aka husband) keeps telling me I will freeze my nipples off. What a butthead!

I can't wait for the adventure. The sights I will see. I hope to take lots and lots of pictures. Probally way too much to post here. But I will take a bunch. And I will bask in the glory of a quiet hotel room, a bed to myself, a bathroom to myself...all alone. O wait! I will miss the puppy. Too bad I can't take her. I would in a heartbeat.

I pray that butthead (aka husband) takes care of all my babies while I am gone. That and he picks my butt up from the airport like he is supposed to. Thankfully I have a sure ride to the airport....Cathy would KILL me if I didnt!

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Shameless Attempt to Brag...

Here is my puppy, Lady, how she is most nights when she wants to snuggle while I am posting on a message board or here.


And here she is letting Mommy give her loves. She is such a wonderful dog, so gentle and docile, so loving and loyal. I am so glad I got her...


Thursday, January 17, 2008

They found me...they are attacking me...

So in an effort to eat healthier I have bought some good foods....that are completely deceiving.

On Tuesday for lunch I bought, what appeared to be, yummy canned tuna fish salad with crackers. So I open them and start eating....

Hmm whats this orange thingy?

A carrot? What???? I search all thru the ingredients and printed really really small almost to the end of the list is carrots.

Now seriously who puts carrots in tuna fish salad? Apparently Bumble Bee (makers of this tuna fish salad) do.

So I go home later that night....

I whip out a lean hot pocket that is whole wheat. Its broccoli, cheddar and turkey. Follow me here?

I start eating it...

What the heck?


Its another flippin carrot! And no where on the ingredient list is carrots.

So I go into the fridge to get some juice (after eating the hot pocket) and sitting on the top shelf of my fridge????

You guessed it! A flippin bag of carrots!

Now, carrots are yummy. I have no issues with them. I do eat them and enjoy them alot. But I think there is some subliminal message here.

Could it be the fact that I went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago and he flat out told me my eyes are slowly getting worse?

So someone, save me from this insanity. Everywhere I turn is some carrots. LOL

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sometimes life makes you wonder...

I've contemplated many times in the past few days exactly what I would blog here about. I've come up short each time. Each time thinking, praying, hoping for something that would be inspiring or absolutely worth reading. Each time I failed.

Things that matter and seem important really are not in the grand scheme of things. Regretting getting up in the morning, not important...forgetting to eat lunch, really not important....getting stuck in traffic, sooo not important.

What is important?

Life. Your life, your loved ones lives, and friends lives.

Its all that matters in this world. Nothing else matters when it comes to the life of someone you hold dear to your heart.

Why the dramatic blog, full of sobs and stained in tears?


The attached article is that of an accident. One that a friend of mine is in. Her name is Debbie. In the bus with her was her husband (Sabre), sons (Alfred & Kenney, daughter (Jasmine), mother (Peggy) and sister in law (Carolyn). In the accident, Jasmine, Peggy and Carolyn died.

Sabre and Debbie are in the hospital. Debbie is still in critical condition, having fractured her pelvic bone, neck, tailbone and has 2 collapsed lungs. She is currently on a ventilator. Sabre is also hospitalized, although I am not 100% certain of the extent of his injuries (the stories keep changing.

I can't get into too much of what has happened, because alot of it still isnt 100% confirmed. Plus I am emotional about it.

I will try to blog more on it later....

Please pray for those all involved.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

This whole resolutions thing...

Isn't exactly going the way I wanted it to.

I had planned on being good. Eating better, know the drill. At work I am great, I eat well, Im moving around. But at home...thats a different story. I want to blame the husband, but alas that wont work.

Ehh...I have no idea where this post was supposed to go, but apparently its dead.

Hmmm...will post later :)