Monday, June 30, 2008

I need to be commited, either that or I was beaten up by a midget

I am quite serious.

I hurt myself yet again. Seriously how clumsy am I? Apparently I should take my friends offer and go into that padded room.

I was trying to put up a heavy dark comforter in my front living room window. The drapes up there are too flimsy and really do not distract the sun. The living room gets hotter than hell. Thankfully we are usually in the back living room, office or bedroom. All of which do not get the dreadful afternoon sun. 115 degree days are killing me and my electric bill.

So I hoist myself up there. I was pretty darn proud of myself. Then I fell. I started to fall backwards and realized my glass coffee table was behind me to so I tried to correct myself.

I did something to my ankle. My friend thinks maybe sprained? I have rug burn on my elbow and knee. I knocked my knee into a chair. My other foot went under me and the end table landed on it. Then because I fell on one leg or hip or whatever, that leg hurts like I have a bruise deep in there.

I feel like I was beaten by a midget. And I say a midget because its from the waist down. LOL

So I would gladly take a room for a party of one insane, clumsy, yet huggable 20-something-year-old. Anyone have a nice room for me?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

And just when I "thought" she had me

She went and said something funny again!

LOL, she has me rolling here I tell ya!

I asked her to keep her fingers crossed for me and here is how she replied...

My fingers and toes are crossed...just now sure how long I can keep them that way. Can I uncross them every once in a while to relax them?

This may be the funniest damn thing I heard all day!

In a effort to be more "greener" and overall more cheap. I decided to put up a comforter in the window of my front living room. The drapes up there really do nothing. Seriously. It gets hotter than hell up there.

So basically in a nut shell I fell. I have rug burn on my elbow and knee, and something funny happened to my knee. Overall the knee doesn't bother me as much as my ankle now does. And apparently I have a impression on my ankle now...sigh

So I told my friend this in a email. This is what she said back. O by the way I have been complaining of headaches lately too.

I am considering putting you in a padded room with soothing music and an IV of excedrin. Just to keep you out of pain and out of trouble. What do you think?

Ice your knee...otherwise work will suck worse.

She is really quite hilarious!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The electric company is screwing with me!

I am not sure exactly what happened. I remember getting a shut off notice. I distinctly remember it saying that I needed to pay by the 26th, but apparently that was NOT the case.

So today I am about to run out the door for work. Just as I am grabbing my cell phone and walking out the door, the power goes off.

C yells from the living room getting all huffy about it. I call them and am basically told that the notice said the 16th, not the 26th. When I question why if it said the 16th and it being the 25th, and the electric just NOW being shut off...I am told that they left it on as a curtiousy. Huh?

Um ok.

I am told that I have to pay every dime I am late on, plus a $400 deposit. Apparently my being a loyal customer for 10 years means squat. I have never had electric turned off, except when I switched residences, and even then the electric at both places was on. And if I want it turned back on today I must pay $75.

$75? He is seriously still in my driveway...

I am told he doesn't know how to turn it on, that they have to send someone else who is out of my area. And my electric will be turned on before 5.

At 5 C calls me to tell me it still isnt on. I call them.

They tell me it was turned back on at 11:07am. I said that can't be. I called and paid my bill at that time, they said no, you paid it at 11:02 am. So the idiot who told me that they would have to send someone else out....yeah they lied to me.

And apparently the moron who switched back on my electric didn't switch on the main breaker to the house. If he had the electric would have come right back on and C and my animals and fridge and everything else would have been living comfortably.

Instead I walk in the door at 730pm and the house is so hot its not even registering on the thermostat on the wall, and I look at the little one I have hanging in the house.

It was 98 degrees in this house.

I am going to call and complain tomorrow.

Man am I pissed!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ms. Robinson please return to the pharmacy

There comes a time in every professional career where you realize at some point that this job seriously has it's pitfalls and seriously is driving you to the break of insanity. Pharmacy is not void of this nor does it ever lack a good story.

Every person who works in pharmacy has a story to tell about some moron who did some stupid thing with his or her medication or they showed up showing them something that no eyes should ever see. And don't forget the stupid questions that are available at every turn.

Retail pharmacy always keeps a pharmacist or pharmacy technician on their toes. Just when you think you have seen it all, someone slaps a Gangrene sock on your counter, told you that the suppositories they got yesterday really don't taste right, or that the whole teaspoon of antibiotics just wont fit in little Johnny's ear.

And I want you to safely know that if you come up to a pharmacy counter and ask a stupid question, make a stupid remark, complain, bitch, moan, or just act like a flat out jackass...the pharmacy is bound to repeat the story at some function. Usually drinking is involved. After all, we need to party too.

I have compiled a list of things you MUST know when you come to the counter of your local pharmacy. These are all things we wish we could say to you, but we are duty bound to act like professionals and actually care about your sorry ass.

1. Drumming your fingers or credit cards on my counter will NOT make me move faster. I am on an important call and simply can not cater to your sorry ass.

2. Yes that is right, the doctor did not call in your refill. Asking me to call him after you have been out of your medication for a week will not constitute him moving faster. Apparently you are not dead, you can wait another 24 hours.

3. Calling me 50 times a day asking if your prescription is ready will not suddenly magically make it appear. I told you I would call you when it's ready. Trust me when I say I want to give it to you so you would leave me the hell alone.

4. When I ask for your insurance card it is because my special super powers are down and I simply can not remember how to reactivate them at the moment, so yes it is crucial I have your card.

5. Giving you a upset stomach is not an allergy. No matter how you insist it is, its not. Get over yourself and eat something when you take the damn medication.

6. Bitching about a $10 copay is really ridiculous and just shows how stupid you really are. Do you realize that brand name Valtrex your getting for your herpes is like normally a $100?

7. The white pill? Seriously you don't know the name of what you need or what it's for? All you know is little white pill? Let me go get all the little white pills and you tell me which one it is.

8. So you took all of your anti-anxiety meds with you on your day trip...and lost them? And need some more? And it's only been two days since you had if filled? Hmm...first time, I give you the benefit of the doubt. But seriously coming back and telling me that SAME story two days later...either your a moron or well your just a moron.

9. Getting mad at me because I don't have a medication in stock is absurd. I can not have every single medication in the world! Every heard of a business, inventory control?

10. You don't have enough money for the pain medication and the antibiotic? How convenient that you would only choose the pain med, tell me you would come back the next day, and here it is a week later and I am returning the antibiotic to inventory. Um yeah strike one in my book, I don't trust your sorry ass.

So in conclusion boys and girls, if you are going to come up with an excuse please come up with a real doosy. We need better stories to tell than those of our professional colleagues.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's hotter than hell!

Something has been wrong with my a/c all day. Stupid thing isnt blowing out very cool air.

So on a 100 degree + day.....its been at least 90 degrees in my house all day.

Im annoyed....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A post titled Dear God.

Dear God,

Normally I ask for things for myself. I pray to you to ask for guidance to help me not shoot the man that is making a racket in my kitchen while on his medication....

dang him.....

ok back....

where was I?

O yes. I normally ask for help for myself. You know I need it. Many a time I have prayed to you asking for a sign, something.

But tonight I ask you for something outside myself. Something that will bring someone else joy, and I guess by proxy will give me and my heart joy too.

You stood next to me while I took those 8 rounds of Clomid. You stood next to me as I stared at thousands of negatives on that little stick I peed on. And you have stood next to me everytime I see a woman pregnant or with a child. You still stand next to me today. I feel your prescense and no you are here.

Tonight I ask you to hold another of your child's hands. Guide her heart, guide her to what is best. Make her a mommy again and her family whole. She is a warm hearted person and a good mommy. She really is. I don't know what your plan is for her, but I surely hope it is to become pregnant here soon.

Her heart is hurting while her mind is ok. Her mind understands, but as you well know her heart just can't catch up quite as quickly.

I know you know I never wanted her to feel this pain. I have prayed that no one ever feel this pain. And yet here she stands, feeling alone and her heart is breaking. I really pray that you heal it quickly.

I don't like to see my Hope sad, crying or hurting. Please take care of her God. And quickly if you can.


Thank you,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My snuggler

So I have no children. No one who comes running into my bed in the middle of the night because of a nightmare. Or wanting Mommy to snuggle with them.

But I have the next best thing.

I have Miss. Lady. She tells me when its bedtime because she jumps into bed, huffs a little, gives a little moan and then snuggles into bed. Thats when I know its time to go to bed.

And I lay down and she crawls over to me. She snuggles right up against my chest. And that is where she is all night long. Rarely if ever does she leave my side all night. She knows when I am going to roll over. She kinda rolls with me. Its hard to explain.

But I have a snuggler. The one with a wet nose who likes to lick my nose when the alarm goes off. She is like having another little alarm in the house.

And she is soft too! So all the more reason she is the best snuggler!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I told her about this...

Yes I told my Mom about this blog.

And yes she is probally reading this...

Ask me if I care...

Now most women of my age (in their 20's) would never want their Mom's to know a thing about their "private" life. Be honest ladies...there has to be something that you would just DIE if she were to find out. Every woman has that one thing she just wont even tell her own mother.

Now see...with me if I couldn't even tell her then it wouldn't be here. Thats for certain. I have nothing to really hide from her. And if I did, do you think I would post it here on the net for all the world to see while she sit's home, blind as a bat, not knowing anything? any red blooded american girl, you tell your girlfriends. LOL.

So while some may be a little shocked that I gave her this website address, rest assured I really wont hold anything back. She knows I cuss, that my favorite word somedays is shit or fuck. She knows I have marriage woes. She knows I want to get out of my dead end job. She knows that I long for children somedays, while others I thank my lucky stars I don't have a snot nosed brat. She knows sometimes I would just love to punch the fat fuck in front of me at my checkout counter. She knows all this. And somehow she still loves me.

So see I am not all that bad. I probally will be more vocal now and really show my "other" side, the one that apparently not enough of my online friends see. My real in-life friend knows my cussing. She, I hope, still loves Again I HOPE (inside joke).

And she also knows how I desperately try to push that marine corp cussing girl aside somedays, how I neglect that crying girl inside, how I push on and on, and how somedays I am just too darned tired. Cause she has been there, done that.

So for the ones that think I am nuts for giving her the address to this blog. I don't care at all. This is me, she knows need to worry. :)

Let the "Angel" free.

After all I am the daughter of a Marine and all. ;)

Happen to strike my fancy

I didnt have the greatest of days so in normal fashion...I listen to some music. Here is what struck me as cool tonight.

And it doesn't hurt that my "boyfriend" is in each one :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Something happened today...

That made me think about my Mom.

Most people who know me know I have a Mom and then a "Mother". My "Mother", and I use this term very loosely, is what I call the woman who gave birth to me. She is by no means the woman who cared for me.

She wasn't the woman who:

-bought me my first pair of girl pants
-comforted me when my heart was broken by a boy the first time
-the first time a friend betrayed me
-taught me the birds and the bees
-comforted me when I was sick
-kissed my boo boo's
-helped me during my first period
-told me I looked perfect when I went to my first dance
-taught me how to drive
-took me to the doctor when I was sick
-watched me run track
-comforted me when I was sad
-looked in on me to make sure I was sleeping well when I was sick with the flu (yes I knew you did that)
-bought me a new backback every year
-took me school shopping
-helped me sign the paperwork booking the ceremony site for my wedding
-bought the flowers for my wedding
-showed up early to make sure everything was perfect for my wedding
-told me I was the most beautiful bride ever
-and comforted me when the fertility treatments failed.

I could go on and on. But that would take pages and pages that the internet doesn't even have the room for. All of these were NEVER done by the woman who carried me for 9 months, birthed me, and who was supposed to care for me.

These were all done by my Mom. The woman who walked into my life when I was 10. The woman who entered into a marriage with a man who had 3 kids. The woman who never blinked twice with being called a "step mom". But there was never anything step about her. She is my Mom. She might not have ever given birth to me but she has showed me what truely loving a child is. She shows me everyday. She is the mother I hope to become...the one I wish to be.

I hope she knows how much I love her and cherish her everyday.
I love you Mom!

Day 9- Jonesing

I haven't really blogged here about the life altering, mind blowing, castostrophic decision I made.

I am a pop-aholic, aka soda junkie, and I have been sober for 9 days now. It's been 9 days since I touched my last drop.

And I am telling you I am dying here! I am literally salivating at the thought of a cold yummy pop. Just dying to have one, want to knock someone over to get to it, shaking badly, wanting one.

I made it past the headache stage of my recovery. That in itself was horrible. I just didn't feel like myself the entire time. I was tired and had a headache for a week. But the last two days have been rough. I am now craving one badly. Juice helps for a bit, but it's not the same.

I think its because I have been drinking so much plain water. I am drinking at least 9 to 10- 8 oz glasses of water each day. So far I have gotten a headache, tired, shaking and have almost peed my pants daily.

Is there a 12 step program for soda junkies? How about my 90 days sober coin? Where can I get one of those?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

How nasty

In an effort to appear like I have it all together (insert hilarious laughing now) I decided to clean my carpets. My dear friend let me borrow her huge steam cleaner. So I figured this should be easy.

Lady has been peeing on our carpets lately, specifically the front room, and there are some stains on the carpet. I have tried and tried to keep it clean, but honestly with my not being here all day it is taking its toll on the carpet. C doesn't get off his rear end to let her out all the time, or sometimes his meds just have him zonked out that he doesn't know when she needs to go out. She is only 11 months old, and a dach, so her poor little bladder can't hold it. She doesn't get in trouble unless she pees on the carpet when I am home, because she neglected to let me know she needed out.

Plus the company that made this freakin amazing cleaner that got just about everything from urine to a mass murder of blood on the carpet, stopped making it. I am beside myself. Nothing got stuff out of carpet like this stuff did. If I would have known, I would have bought 20 bottles of the stuff. But I am so sad...cause they don't make it anymore. Thus the carpet is a disaster.

And I should also mention that its cream colored carpet. Who in their right mind puts in a light shade of carpet in a house? Seriously who? Are they stupid? Apparently so! We live in Arizona, with dirt flying all over the place. It gets dusty here. Where do you think it falls? In nice piles on the ground outside? I think not!

So here I am living in a home, that I am renting mind you, with cream colored carpet. Yes I am in for it.

I can't keep it clean apparently. I did the front room twice yesterday and both times the water was DISGUSTING! Then this morning I decided to do it again. DISGUSTING. Not to mention the bedroom and hallway. GROSS!!! I can't believe I have been living like this.

It is amazing what carpet cleaning will do to you. It makes your realize your living in filth!!!

That and your life is utterly boring if all you have to blog about is your carpets.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Seeing who I talk to...

I decided, for whatever reason, to finally hook up the webcam I got for Christmas. My brother would be o so proud to know that what he got me for Christmas just sat on top of my monitor, never having actually been plugged in. Shh don't tell him.

So off on this adventure I go.

Now before I proceed I should mention I am not at all a "girl" when it comes to hooking this up. I don't read manuals, I just plug the thing in, jam a disk in and go.

I know you shouldnt do that but hey, thats me. Love me or hate me. I could care less which one you are.

Well lets just say I had a hell of a time with it. The dang thing says its compatible, yahoo says its not....low and behold it really is and they are just trying to play evil tricks on consumers like myself who do not read manuals!!!

So lately I have been seeing who I talk to online. Its quite strange, but none the less it is cool. I just have to remember when I have it on in case I wanna pick my nose.

HA HA...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Can we say odd?

Yesterday as I was leaving work I decided I really didn't feel like cooking dinner. But I am also trying my hardest to watch what I am eating, so I decided to stop at Wendy's. They have some pretty good salads, and I thought what the heck.

I pull up to the menu in the drive thru.

"Welcome to Wendy's"

"Um yes, I would like one southwestern Taco Salad"

"Si, amiga!"

"ok...a number 2 with no lettuce, tomatoes, or pickles with a.."

"thats an awful lot of no's don't ya know"

"with a large coke"

"Yes go on"

"and a baked potato"

"Thanks for playing at Wendy's please pull to the second window"

So I drive to the second window..

Here is some 40-something-year old who apparently hasn't gotten laid in apparently way too long. And he has no life.

I was dumbfounded! Either I was in shock or just too tired to even try messing with him.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Random Thoughts from an Insane 20-something-year-old

Why is it so hard to kick the soda habit? Is it that they put crack in it?

There is absolutely nothing on TV and I am bored outta my gord!

The commercial I am watching is rather disgusting.

Cheese and crackers sounds yummy right now.

I can't believe I am on yet another diet!

I really want to do well this time with my diet.

School is in my sights, with nursing school within reach.

My eye itches!

Did I mention I absolutely HATE allergies?!?!

Im too tired to get up away from this computer.

Since when are your late twenties boring?

I thought I was in the prime of my life...O well.

And yes this are the only things I am thinking right now. Boring huh?