Friday, November 30, 2007

If you need to walk down memory lane...

Remember that TV show on in the early days of Nickelodeon? The one with the family games? It was called Double Dare.

Here is a video that will remind you of some of the games they did...

And here is one that will get you laughing about it....funny stuff.


Ok SNL used to be great. We all know it. Every saturday night we would run to the TV to watch what Dana Carvey, Chevy Chase, Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fay would do next. Now they are just a bunch of really bad comedians.

While perusing the internet I came across a video that is funny.

The Last Day...

Yes its come to the last day. Last Day of vacation that is. And all those things I "said" I would get done. Yeah why lie? I haven't gotten a single thing done this whole week. I've slept in late just about every day. I really really need to get back on my sleep schedule. This lack of sleep thing will NOT cut it at work. Thankfully my first day back will be a good one. I get to work with the bestest Pharmacist and most funnest (is that a word?). Yipee! No really. LOL. Now its 230 am, ok I told you my sleep schedule is off, and I am off to bed. I will get up and start the list of boring tasks that I put off all week. I will torture myself and when its all done I will bask in all that is good. :0)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tis the Season

To shove food in your face!

Thanksgiving marked the beginning of the season in which you can shove massive amounts of food into your face and no one will look at you like your a pig.

Up until New Years you can get away with this without recourse. Because that is what New Years Resolutions are for right?

I keep telling myself this, anyone believe me?

Random Thoughts

Why do you need to say ahhh when the Dr looks down your throat?

Why do people speed up when they see a yellow light?

Why do foods come in huge boxes, then you open the box and there is a small bag in it?

Why do some car's come with the ability to turn off the passenger air bag and some car's do not?

Why aren't more people aware of personal space?

Why is it impolite to tell someone they stink, have stuff in their teeth, or other random things?

More random thoughts on another day :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Make sure to buy yourself something!

Thats what Chris tells me everytime I leave the house to go shopping. Normally I will pick myself up something small and when I get home he just shakes his head. He expects more. But recently he has commented on how low maintence I am and how he really is lucky in that regard.

So today I decide I MUST venture out into the shopping madness. I have this $10 gift card that Kohls sent me. Its free money right? Well off I go with Courtney.

After a scenic route (long story), we finally find Kohls. We are at the mecha! The place is brand new! Ahhh another place that hasnt met the dynamic duo! He He

We browse the racks and find alot of wonderful deals. Courtney finds gifts for tons of people. And I find some things I like too. Ok not some, alot, but things I can not afford none the less. But I was making mental notes of things I MUST have once Chris gets a job.

We get to the register and Courtney gets rung up first. Now I will not divuldge how much she spent, but it took alot of reassuring on my part that she was getting alot of names knocked off her list. Which, lemme tell you she must know just about everyone on this earth! I can't even think of as many people as she has to buy presents for.

Next I get rung up. I am buying a angel picture holder, a headband, and a ornament. All very cute! And all things I walked out of the store with, having not spent a dime.

Gotta love sales and Free money!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Someday I will get to that has come

Everyone has things that they always say they will get to. Whether its that stack of bills, the trash needing to be taken out, that much needed cleaning of the baseboards in the house, or cleaning and scrubbing out the fridge. And it seems we hardly ever get to those things. Something always comes up. Why is that? What is so important that keeps us from cleaning the baseboards? Cause lord knows the world will end very tragically if those are not cleaned.

None the less I am on vacation, much to the dismay of my fellow coworkers. See, every year I try to take my alotted vacations. And every single time I try to take a vacation, some scheduling crisis happens. It is never a pleasant time. I am approved the time off, yet I know that it causes alot more work for those I work with. And I know how hard it is on them. I really do wish it wasnt so hard. And I do mean that from the bottom of my heart, the tips of my toes, and the empty space in my head.

So I am now officially on vacation for 9 days (think blogs will get done, I know YOU are happy, and you know who YOU is). I really have no concept of exactly what I will be doing. I mean it really sounds almost sacreligious to clean baseboards on a vacation I am being paid to take. I mean isnt there some commandment that I will break doing that? Thou shalt not work on a paid vacation? Makes perfect sense to me!

Any objections? Any? Going once....going twice......!!!! SOLD!!!! I will lazily earn my vacation pay!

Ok if you know me that wont happen at all. You know I will be down on all fours scrubbing the heck out of those darn baseboards! And why the heck do they get so friggin dirty?

This thing we call the holiday season...

So generally the holiday season is wonderful, filled with joy and happiness. Its about spending time with family, enjoy each others presence, being good to your common man or woman. Right?

Um has whom ever said this before worked retail? I think not.

So yesterday I am waiting my turn o so patiently at the deli for a sandwich. I let a person go ahead of me in line, thinking I was being nice, but also relishing in the fact that it means I am let loose from the dungeon I call a pharmacy. Finally its my turn. I order my sandwich and make chit-chat with the deli manager who is making my sandwich.

All of a sudden this woman from god knows where walks up to the counter and shouts above my conversation. She yells, "you put ham and turkey on the label on this sandwich, looks to me like its beef". Then she throws the sandwich down hard on the counter and walks away.

Now tell me is that what the holiday season is about? Cutting in line, belittling people and throwing things? And all because of a sandwich?

What the heck has this world come to where we throw sandwiches?

Monday, November 12, 2007

She is really the greatest!

Now I know only one person really reads this blog that I call the babbling of my life. I know that she is the only person who cares about this babbling. But I feel compelled to write out the great things that make up her existance.

She is really the greatest because:

She cares about the little things in life.
She laughs at my most strangest humor.
She gets the fact I make no sense.
She understands the nonsense that comes outta my mouth.
She picks me up when I have fallen.
She is someone I never have to second guess their intentions.
She is someone who is really a joy to have around.
She is hilarious!
She makes the most yummiest applesauce (with just the right amount of cinnamon!)
She gets, understands, and even gets down to my level of dorkness.
She gets just as excited as I do about coupons.
She was my matron of honor.

**(There is so much more, but honestly the tears have clouded my sight!)**

And most importantly she is my friend.

Thank God for this wondeful person in my life. She has her own troubles, but is always there to listen. And she often isnt thanked for all she does.

So my friend, thank you for being you! Your the greatest!

Love Ya!

"It's only money"

Boy do I hate that comment!

Every once in awhile I am reminded at just how little I have, moneywise that is. Im not talking about all the other things in life, I know I am blessed. But sometimes, just sometimes I wanna check out of this dump and run away.

There are people in my life who constantly splurge on things that do not matter then hastily tell me that "It's only money". When those words are cast into air, it only makes me want to rip them to shreds and throw them down the person who said them, throat. I mean seriously! Have these people ever not had money to say buy food, pay their phone bill, pay the car bill, or how about that pair of shoes that are killing your feet but you have to wear them because they are the only ones you have? Have they? I think not, because if they did then they certainly would be much more cautious of the words they cast into society.

Those types of people know who they are. They do. They know the hate and blatant disregard for human beings that they cast into the universe. They know who they are and I dont even have to call their names out on it.

O and in case your wondering (the one person who reads this lol) isnt you...LOVE YA! And your the bestest!

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Wienie is the longest!

Ok you pervert! Thats not what I meant. Sick sick..(shakes head).

Out of the litter of puppies, my dach is the longest "wiener" dog. She is the longest one among 5 total. She has the longest ears, longest body, longest get the drift.

And she is the only one that will not be fixed so that she can be bred.

Ok end of my shameless proud mommy moment....


37.5 hours

That was how long I was awake yesterday.

And I lived to tell about it! Holy smokes!

So what happened? LOL, you had to ask............

It was 1am. I decided it was time to go to bed. I just finally settle into bed and Chris comes walking into the bedroom, holding his stomach, tears down his face and swear pouring off him. I ask him what is wrong. He tells me his stomach hurts like before he had had his gallbladder taken out. This is EXTREMELY serious I tell myself, recalling those days. I ask him if he wants to go to the hospital. He hesitates for along while, then finally relents.

Off to the hospital we go. They run tests, tests, more tests. Inject drugs, inject more drugs, wait none for me? How Rude!

After a long long time, we know nothing. They think he had gastrointer....something or another. They send us home with pain meds, and stomach stuff.

I run to work, where the bestest Pharmacist in the whole world has filled his pain meds. Then I run back home, change clothes, then run back to work the shift that I am sooo sooo late for.

I was extremely tired and on the brink of becoming delirious. But thankfully I got thru that and got home in one piece. And I fell asleep very early! Well at like 930, which is very early to me. LOL.

But I am glad to report that the stomach pains have subsided, unfortunately there are still bouts of nausea....but all is ok.

Thank the Lord above for weekends!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sometimes you just need to be left alone...

Sometimes in life you just need to be left alone. Left alone to ponder your thoughts, left alone to find the meaning of life, or just be left alone to just be.

Sometimes I feel like that. Sometimes I just want to be left alone. Left alone to breathe on my own, do what I want, sleep when I want, eat when and what I want, you know just be left alone to not care about another person.

It seems like lately, specifically the last month, I just can't get a moment to breathe. Chris lost his job back in July but lately he is becomeing more and more unbearable. I know he is bored and I am his only contact with the human race besides his brother...but for god's sake leave me the heck alone for a minute.

I've been lucky enough for the last 5 minutes to be able to type this out without an interuption.

I love him, dont get me wrong but I believe every healthy marriage includes alone time. Time for yourself. And he is driving me bonkers! Literally bonkers!

I might emblode in the next day or so....thank god for work!

Sad when work is your favorite place.....