Saturday, September 29, 2007

Peeing...since when did it become such a important part of my life?

Ok we all pee. Its a given. We occasionally talk about it. Its referenced when a conversation is going on and one of the people talking looks like they might emplode...its not a biggie right?

So when does and why does it become such an important part of ones life when they suddenly have another living thing to take care of? Suddenly its all one can think of.

When is the last time they went potty? Cause Potty is now a regularly used word in our vocabulary now. Did they go number one or number two? or both? How long until the next time they have to go? O they drank some water, is it time to go again? O I must stop what I am doing and take them potty right?

Seriously when did my life become centered around when the dang puppy needs to pee? Did I somehow leave my former brain at the door when I picked up this puppy? Suddenly most of the thoughts going thru my brain are centered around the peeing and pooping schedule of this puppy. Its maddening I tell you.

I'd like to say in my former life I led some grand exciting times. Really I didnt. But I would like to think it was exciting enough that I didnt think or schedule my time around a pee or a poop session. I'd like to think that I had some sanity in my life (ok I know I didnt...but one can hope right?).

Now its revolving around the inner workings of the bladder and colon of a dog. How exciting is my life now? Most people my age have a few kids, they are at least in school, so the parents time is much more fun. They are going on family trips, making good money, finished school, the whole nine yards. And here I sit at home wondering if I can go to a freakin movie with my husband and leave this pee and poop making puppy at home. I tell you its one freakin exciting life.

I wonder if a newborn diaper will fit the puppy? Hmmmm......

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Something funny for my friend Chim Chimeny (you know who you are!)

I have successfully halted the receiving of the facimiles from the transmission device thus halting the continued production of authorized vaccination requests.

Sleep....My drug of choice!

Sleep...ahhh pure bliss!

I am notorious for not getting enough sleep. I have horrible insomnia and require the use of prescription drugs to get myself on a normal schedule. I hate taking them tho. They honestly give me a very hung-over effect the next day. Its horrible.

Lately I havent slept very well to save my life. Maybe 3 or 4 hours a night if that. Now that the puppy sleeps thru the night...ahhhh I am sleeping like a baby. Its pure heaven.

Sleep is like crack cocaine to me....I am in love with it and must have it....... ahhhh.

Off to sleep I go!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Its showtime!

Im so friggin excited! Its the start of the new seasons for all my favorite shows! Yes I am beyond the realm of dork. I have entered a new region of dorkness.

*sigh* I have no life.....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

When we hope for two there is just one...

So the last time I blogged I said I had two puppies....well that is no more. I am not sure what the heck I was thinking when I agreed to have two. I must have been outta my mind. With my life two is a huge undertaking. One is big enough...but two...HUGE!

So we gave Chevy back to my Dad. He is going to keep her. He promised not to sell her, so at least I will be able to see my little girl. She is highly attached to her mommy so it was beyond difficult to take her from her mother. She cried alot and just didnt eat. It certainly was not fair to take her from her comfort just to make myself happy.

Now we have one of her sisters. Which is completely different. Such a huge and drastic change. Im able to sleep at night! We named her Lady, mainly after Lady and the Tramp (one of my favorite Disney movies growing up), but we also call her Lady Bird from King of the Hill. She is such a wonderful puppy. She is mellow but can get rilled up if need be. She is very affectionate and loving. She is just like her daddy.

So I guess this is not a philosophical post or blog today...just an update. Maybe I will be inspired later today HA HA HA

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Silence is golden...ok as you get older it is...

The definition of Silence as stated by Wikipedia.....

Silence is a relative or total lack of sound

.....So I get to thinking about this here phenomenon Silence, and wonder exactly what the heck it is. Because I certainly have not experienced it in my life all too much. I mean I work retail, have a family, a husband, a dog, a cat, another extremely loud cat, and now 2 in essence one could calculate or use deductive reasoning and be safe in assuming I have a severe lack of silence in my life.

With this new puppy, and now puppies as of tonight, I really dont get much sleep. Its been almost a week and I feel like any grown woman with a brand new baby. Im tired and wish for sleep. I find 15 minutes of relaxation to be pure heaven. I find work, as ironic as this is, to be my safe haven. Its the one place, again pure irony, to be the one sane place I can run too. One would find it EXTREMELY sad that one would want to get up to go to work, look forward to it, count the hours until said person goes to work, and cherishes every moment said person is at work. All around it is extremely sad...and purely hilarious.

So right now as I type this I am sitting here in silence. Pure heaven I tell you. The puppies are here sleeping together on a towel on the top of my desk. The only noise I hear is the tapping of these keys on the keyboard. Occasionally one of them is having a nightmare and I hear a whimper or two, but thats it.....ahhh pure heaven.

So back to this definition of Silence......

Here is another excerpt of silence found on Wikipedia that immediately makes me laugh.....
In modern society, especially in the western society, when people are meeting and talking to each other, people often start talking nonsense to skip moments of silence.

So you ask, why is it so funny? Well that whole sentence right there drums up my relationship with my partner in crime, we will call her "Beth" tonight ( for reasons only she will know). The two of us really cant be quiet long enough for our own good. Most people who listen in on our conversations get so extremely confused they walk away (which I wholeheartedly encourage...). Its funny. Our rambling only makes sense to us. Which quite honestly probally is in the best interest of the general population. Its safer that society doesnt know what us two knuckle-heads are coming up with next.

And honestly with her, I dont actively look for silence. Its honestly hilarious to see what comes outta our mouths next. Its never a dull moment in the pharmacy, thats for sure.

As I try to think of a good and honest way to end this "talk" of silence, I am interupted by the sound of whining.....

Ahh off to "mommy" duty!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Funny memories

So I am sitting on my computer, contemplating the newest discoveries of my life, wondering what the heck is going on. Im flipping thru posts on my message boards, trying to find humor is something. Then I come across a names thread. Basically the poster is asking if we like our names. I respond. And someone responds back to me asking if my name is pronounced like a certain song....I reply back. And get to thinking. So now I have to drudge up the music video.....

Funny isnt it?

A new beginning...

Hmmm....lets just say I completely forgot my password to my old blog and decided it wasnt worth updating or continuing that one. I decided I needed a new one.