Saturday, September 29, 2007

Peeing...since when did it become such a important part of my life?

Ok we all pee. Its a given. We occasionally talk about it. Its referenced when a conversation is going on and one of the people talking looks like they might emplode...its not a biggie right?

So when does and why does it become such an important part of ones life when they suddenly have another living thing to take care of? Suddenly its all one can think of.

When is the last time they went potty? Cause Potty is now a regularly used word in our vocabulary now. Did they go number one or number two? or both? How long until the next time they have to go? O they drank some water, is it time to go again? O I must stop what I am doing and take them potty right?

Seriously when did my life become centered around when the dang puppy needs to pee? Did I somehow leave my former brain at the door when I picked up this puppy? Suddenly most of the thoughts going thru my brain are centered around the peeing and pooping schedule of this puppy. Its maddening I tell you.

I'd like to say in my former life I led some grand exciting times. Really I didnt. But I would like to think it was exciting enough that I didnt think or schedule my time around a pee or a poop session. I'd like to think that I had some sanity in my life (ok I know I didnt...but one can hope right?).

Now its revolving around the inner workings of the bladder and colon of a dog. How exciting is my life now? Most people my age have a few kids, they are at least in school, so the parents time is much more fun. They are going on family trips, making good money, finished school, the whole nine yards. And here I sit at home wondering if I can go to a freakin movie with my husband and leave this pee and poop making puppy at home. I tell you its one freakin exciting life.

I wonder if a newborn diaper will fit the puppy? Hmmmm......