Saturday, December 29, 2007

Im getting the sleepy eye...

Ok so I have no children. I am sure tho that those with children will know what I mean when I say that my "child" is giving me the sleepy eye.

So Lady is officially 7 months old. Adorable and cute in the sense that a puppy is cute. But man she is hard work. Just like having a child.

I still get up with her in the middle of the night for her to go potty outside. Although the frequency of that happening throughout the night has lessened dramatically. Thank heavens for that.

But tonight as I chat online with a friend I am being given the "sleepy eye". She is staring here at me, yawning, practically jumping in my lap while I type. Ok I get the hint...your tired. Lay your happy butt down then!

Yeah right tho...she wants the comfort of my bed. The warmth of a blanket.

Damn she is spoiled....


hangel said...

Merry New Year!

New Year Resolutions we must keep together! Support each other!

Snuggle with your baby. Yes, Lady is spoiled, but you love to spoil her. It is okay! Just means you are a good mama!