Sunday, March 9, 2008

She is learning...

So Lady is learning the skillful art of sitting on her hind legs with her front paws up. It's hard for some dogs to do but especially hard for her considering she is a dach and long in the sense. She is o so proud of herself too. Maybe its because I make a huge ordeal over it and praise her and let her know she is such a good girl.

She wags her tail, looks at me lovingly and gets so excited. It is cute and nice to know that something hangs on every word you say. Because lord knows there are people in this world who couldn't give a flying monkey what I say. *sigh* Such is life tho.

Today Lady was scared out of her wits end. Chris called me from the hospital and was asking me what I was doing. I happened to be getting ready to come see him and told him I was getting dressed. Well Lady was laying on the bed not more than two feet from me. Chris must have been talking awfully loud because she turned her head acknowledging that she just might know that voice. So I told Chris to say hi to her. I held the phone by her head and she FREAKED out! She went bazzerk and starting running away.

Apparently we scared her. She is now scarred for life and will never be the same. Ahh we are such awful dog parents.


hangel said...

You are no worse than me chasing my poor child with the vacuum. It is a little funny. You are only "mean" if you continuously do it just to see them freak out.

I am mean. :-)