Thursday, September 4, 2008

My shopping trip!

I got 4 prescriptions filled, had a CVS coupon and a Frys coupon. I was at Frys and they accept competitors coupons.

So I paid $16 for 4 rx's got $85 in store gift cards.

I went shopping

3 containers of pringles
1 Mama Bella Garlic Toast
6 2-Liters of soda (for Chris)
1 Gallon of Orange Juice
2 Gallons of Milk
4 Totinos party pizza's
2 Dole Mandarin Orange Fruit cup packages
2 4-roll packs of Angel Soft TP
1 4-roll pack of Charmin TP
4 packages of pastrami
1 16 slices package of cheese
1 16oz package of ham
1 16oz package of turkey
$7 worth of pork tenderloin
1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal
1 Just bunches cereal
2 packages of dog treats
3 cans of Mighty dog
4 frozen Michelinas meals
4 frozen Banquet meals
6 Yoplait yogurts
1 magazine, to drown my sorrows in
2 loafs of Sara Lee 100% whole grain bread
1 package of swiss cake rolls
1 package of honey buns
2.05 lbs of bananas

I redeemed part of the gift card money, then gave her my coupons....

She ended up giving me $17.86 back.

So for $146.01 of food, $16.00 in rx's...I made $1.86!!!

I saved 115%

Man thank god I had this today. It made my day!