Sunday, August 31, 2008

The joys of being a student?

As I sat in the lab portion of my Anatomy class I pondered why I was really there. I even jotted down in my notes, "what the hell have I gotten myself into?"

First of all, I anticipated being in a class full of students fresh out of high school. That was false. From what I can tell just one girl is fresh out of high school, and she is not at all one of those students. You know what I mean. From everything I can tell she actually wants to be there to learn.

Also I anticipated some diversity. False again. The class is all women. Yep all women. Poor poor instructor is male. He is out numbered. I suspect we all will pass the class. He he

Besides those two obervations I have nothing else to add about the class. It's still too soon to figure it out.

I am however in piles of things to do for the class. Alot of memorization and refreshing my mind. I am still amazed that I was able to teach my lab partners the different bones. I thought for certain I had forgot.


hangel said...

It is amazing what hides out in the back of your brain and can come out when you need it!