Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I just wasted about 10 minutes on something that doesn't exist

I lay in bed last night thinking about things that apparently do not exist.

So I researched it today on the net. Cause I am a researcher and all bad ass and totally want to be ever smarter.

But it didn't exist at all.

I was thinking about how I just started my period and here Lady has been in heat for a week. I wondered if pheromones ever made that species break. Like do we sense each others pheromones. Not in the sense of like getting it on, but for females. Like do we sense one is ovulating, going into heat, whatever. Cause you know that women do that when we get together for long periods of time.

Well apparently what I was wondering doesn't even exist. It can't happen. So it just so happens and is purely a coincidence that this happens to Lady and I.


Fine I won't be a scientist....and I should probally lay off the Vicodin at night.