Sunday, October 25, 2009

The pitter patter of my heart

Yesterday was the day from hell, quite literally. My head felt like someone had kicked me in the back of it. Kinda like those karate kicks. Not Karate Kid like, cause well thats so 80's and kinda gay. But like Jett Lee or Jackie Chan, all bad ass and totally painful.

I laid in bed all day. Yes all day. And it wasn't one of those days where hot men feed you grapes as you lay all queen-like on a beautiful fluffy couch with a pillow under one arm. And hot sweat glistening men feed you grapes. No it was one of those, if I move one inch I just may die.

So Saturday was completely shot. I only ventured down stairs and out the front door to go get Chris Mc Donalds. Because I am so bad ass and such a great wife that I feed my husband greasy nasty fried mess. I am waiting for my nomination, go ahead nominate me...I will work on my acceptance speech.

My Mother called me late last night and asked me if I would like to go to the State Fair. I said why not. Admission fare had dropped to a reasonable rate, where I wouldn't need to morgage a house or take a loan out or hell even sell my good kidney. We decided to go ahead and go.

We were walking around looking at the exhibits and whatnot. It's amazing what a $30 jar of jewelry cleaner will clean. And how about that band you wrap around your wrist? It's made of velcro and somehow cures MS. Holy crap!

But then the pitter patter of my heart began to beat even faster.
This is what I saw...


Its Peter Facinelli.

Who is that? Well here he is to refresh your memory.

He is the guy in the middle.....Carlisle Cullen.


I SAW him!!!!
And got this...


OMG I am in heaven. Staring at his picture on my desk right now.

He was at the fair doing some autograph signing. I found out about it at the last minute and dragged Chris over to get his autograph. Poor Chris was the only male, besides Peter and his body guards, for at least a two block radius.

Thoughts of running away with him went through my mind. Having his love child, doing naughty things too. But then he rode away on a golf cart. And then I saw his wife....


You know, Kelly from 90210!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am super cool. Totally cool cause I didn't bomb rush her. I let her walk by me, let her be awesome. Cause she had her daughter.

So I had like the day to be all days! I am so cool!


Maria said...

I'm envious...more envious then you can ever imagine!

Sara said...

Awesome! (Even though I have no clue who he is).

But, I don't want to hear you ever diss Karate Kid again!

"Fear does not exist in the dojo, does it!"

"Sweep the leg"

"Karate do yes, OK. Karate do no, OK. Karate do maybe *squishy noise* squish, just like grape."

So, until you take back your heinous comments about The Karate Kid, I will come stalk your blog and quote from the movie.