Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sleep, where for out tho sleep?

I just want to sleep...

I can't seem to get back onto a good sleep cycle. I have no idea how in the world it became so wonky, but it did. And now I am up for hours on end, wishing, praying, pretending to sleep. It's quite exhausting...but not exhausting enough to ACTUALLY SLEEP!

So I am here, online, searching. I am researching a Leviticus diet. I am quite intrigued by it and am contemplating beginning it. It looks like something my body, mind, heart and soul needs. A true declaration to God. And then the health benefits are just HUGE.

I have a suggestion for a book to read, and I am also researching online. I would like to go see if the library at church has the book or books I need. I really am interested in finding all I can about this "diet" or way of living.

From what I gather, it is a way of life. It's a new beginning. Exactly what I need.

But back to the topic at hand....I am so sleepy, but just can't sleep! I took a vicodin and soma, hoping it will relax my neck and as a added benefit maybe knock me out. No such luck. And apparently it doesn't mess with my brain that much because I can still form complete sentences. And I don't sound like a raving lunatic right now. Unlike most days :) to count sheep...or kittens...or puppy dogs...or whatever it is they tell you to count. Great, I can't even get that right. No wonder I can't sleep.