Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Great Halloween Scare!


I do not have many scary stories or stories that make you go hmmm. This one takes the cake tho.

I am at work. Chris calls me to say the trick or treaters have started coming. Gosh darn! I still have over a half hour left to go. Man those little buggers are hungry this year. Either that or they are really excited about some show on later tonight.

Anyways. I speed home, hoping to catch at least one cute trick-or-treater. Alas I have!

Chris, Panther, Lady and myself plant our happy butts in some chairs in the driveway. We are armed with 9, yes 9, bags of chocolate along with our carved pumpkins. We are excited. At least Chris and I are. Panther couldnt care less and Lady is shaking like a leaf. All these people scare the heck out of her and bore the heck out of Panther.

So we are handing out candy. We see pretty princesses, scary pirates, a boy riding a flamingo, a bloody clown, a rapper, and then the most scariest. Now brace yourself.

This, what I thought was a kid, kid comes racing thru our yard. In VERY broken english I hear, "Trick or Treat" and have a bag thrust in my face. I look up to see this person dressed with a cape and extremely white paint on their face. I look closer and this person looks to be at least 35. She is an Indian. Can barely speak english and to top it all off has the worst BO (body odor) a person has. Its nasty.

I quickly throw a piece into her bag. As she walks away I turn to Chris. He turns to me and at the same time we ask each other...was that a old lady?

Talk about scary!