Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ok, you dragged me what?

I have been informed, by a reliable source, that I have not blogged recently. And that my not blogging has hindered this persons ability to be entertained. So here I am.

So I am entertaining, huh? This I find extremely comical. I seriously have always believed I have to be the most boringest (is that a word? if not it is now!) person on the face of this earth. I do nothing, achieve nothing, lack everything, and everything else in between. Ok you either are A. laughing at me or B. saying to yourself this girl has got to be a moron/or dumb. Either way, I am what I am and I is what I is.

I have not had anything to blog lately. I am really boring. I literally sleep, go to work, eat, shower...go thats it. See, boring. I warned you. You didn't heed my advice and kept reading.

So the babbling has began...............

I think today is 4 weeks into having Lady (our puppy)...hmmm is that right? Shucks I have no idea. God I am a horrible mother. Anywho. As I am typing this she is laying ever so gently on a pillow on the top of my desk. She is sawing logs, off in dreamland. Which is where I should be if said person did not remind me that my blogging was seriously lacking. Remind me to complain later...anyways. Lady has become a extended extremity. She is always right there, always attached to me, always has to see me...well you get my drift. I have been told this is what having a child is like, but I have yet to test that theory.

Its Halloween...or as said person and I call it, Halloweenie. I was lucky enough to get off work early to race home to feed the begging children (which I will save for a later story...ok I will blog it tonight). I didnt dress up or anything. But I did get home in time to hand some candy out to these children. Lady, Panther (the other dog), Chris and I sat out front with a bowl of candy, our carved pumpkins, and each other. It was kinda cute to see the kids...err I mean kids and adults (read my story).

Im tired now. I want to sleep. OOOO I have a couple pieces of candy to hunt chocolate now!


hangel said...

As aforementioned "said person" I wish to thank you for taking the time to entertain me. I do indeed enjoy reading you blog and therefore appreciate you taking the time to put up TWO blogs for me to read. Keep it up!