Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kiss the roof at a yellow...

Friends mean alot to me. They hold special places in my heart. Some come and some go. But the ones that last through the good and the bad hold a special place in my heart and in my life.

I don't have many friends in my life. I'm an oddball and alot of people do not get me. But that's ok. The ones that do are honestly the best friends I could ever have.

I've had the fortunate opportunity to meet some of the greatest people, spirits, and kind human beings. One's that are awe inspiring, giving, and loving. They have touched my heart and continue to do so everyday. They mean more to me than anyone, even themselves, will ever know.

They are the types of friends that only come along once in a lifetime. And I have been lucky to have 3 of them. One, I see on a regular basis, talk to almost daily, and laugh with all the time. She is a constant reminder of what is good and kind in this world. The second, lives further away. She is always with me in spirit tho, and I think of her often. And the third is no longer with us.

The third is someone I had known for along time. I've mentioned her before and have been thinking of her more and more everyday. She was the kindest of souls. I remember laughing with her one day in particular. It was school picture retakes our Sophmore year. Our last names were close in the alphabet so we had the same time slot to get them retaken.

We decided to go up there at the same time. The wide goofy grin I had that will appear etched in time forever was caused by her. She was making me laugh with her comedy routine and jumping all over the place behind the photographer. I will always remember that time.

So when I kiss the roof at a yellow.....its for you Renea!


hangel said...

That is a sweet post. I hope I am one of the friends you are talking about because you are one of the few I treasure. Love ya! C