Monday, February 18, 2008

She thinks she is big and bad

Yes she seems to think she is big, bad and has some big juevos.

But alas, she is a little bitty Dachs puppy. And once she realizes she is a little too in over her head, she runs to me like a good puppy should.

Lady seems to think she needs to bark and somehow make her presence known when we have our front door open. Everyone that walks by, every leaf that blows by, every car that drives by is victim to the bark. She starts barking, thinking she sounds big and bad. This always leads to Panther barking, who is a large dog (part lab). Once Panther barks, Lady goes running. And she runs to me. Scared beyond belief, shaking and whimpering. Its so utterly cute.

Just like a good little girl, she knows who her mama is.