Friday, February 15, 2008

Scared & Lonely

So this morning Chris wakes me up. I thought it was a normal wakeup, I do it everyday to take him to work. Today was different tho.

He was a mess. Literally. He had slurred speech, was uneasy on his feet, had two cuts on his forehead and what looked almost like roadrash on his nose.

Apparently he got dizzy and fell in the garage. He hit his head on concrete. How long he was out, I have no idea because I was asleep.

We went to the ER and Chris had a number of tests done. Nothing was found, but he was admitted. So right now he is at the hospital. And I am here, lonely and a little scared. Not knowing what is going on isnt settling right in my stomach.


hangel said...

Glad he is home...and feeling okay now. That is scary...good thing you are so strong!