Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are prevalent everywhere. We have a large amount here in the Phoenix area. And sometimes they intrigue me enough to ponder their existence.

Like the ones that ask, "How is my Driving? Call....." and the number is scratched out. So scratched that you couldn't possibly call and complain about the moron in the huge truck that just cut you off.

Or how about the one I saw the back window it said Auto Glass, then had a phone number under that. I go to pass it, and glance over....there is HUGE crack in the windshield of this truck. Seriously? If you can't take the time to fix your company vehicles then why would I want you working on mine?

And then their was the pest control truck (I know it was a pest control truck because my Dad used to do that for a living at one time) where all the lettering on the vehicle was in spanish. Thank goodness I read spanish. But what about the average joe on the street. I understand that alot of spanish speaking people now live in Arizona, but I thought this was America and the language of the land was English?

Ok vent and rant over...