Saturday, April 5, 2008

She is a Champion!

Lady amazes me sometimes. I teach her to sit on her hind legs and I think I am a genius. That was until she amazed me today.

We went to the Doxie Day's here in town. Basically everyone comes who owns a dach and enjoys each others company along with seeing other dogs and even partaking in some fun. They had a obstacle course there where you were graded on how well you did.

Lady amazed the heck out of me. The doggie that all I have taught her is to stand on her hind legs, got a 21 out of 21! She hopped up on the step stool, jumped into tires, ran thru a tunnel, went thru a pole weaving thing, jumped thru a huge tire, and jumped over 2 poles. And she did this only with my holding her leash and saying," come on miss lady bird, good lady bird."

So I am a proud mommy. I have her "report card" on the fridge. Right next to the doggie paw prints we made too.

Such a proud mommy I tell you...


hangel said...

You promised me...