Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paper Letters

It honestly feels like forever since I sat down and actually wrote a written letter. Yes on paper with a pen even. Imagine that! I think the last time I had actually sat down and wrote such a letter was when my brother was stationed in Iraq.

Well his wife told me the other day that he loves letters and was quite bummed that he hadn't gotten as many as other people. So I sat down tonight and wrote him one. It was 4 pages long. And I tucked it inside a nice little card for him. Just something to brighten his day. I hope it will when he gets it. He has sacrificed so much for this country, whatever little bit I can do, I will.

I miss him alot. He has always been my source of laughter. No matter what he can make me laugh, even when I want to hit him upside the head or smack him. He always makes me laugh. One of the great, but yet can be annoying, things about him is that he doesn't take things outside the military seriously. It must be because of what he does. He needs his source of laughter, and unfortunately alot of the time I am that source. He never forgets a blunder moment or embarrassing moment, and he never fails to repeat it about a hundred times. The boy is annoying I tell you, but I love him. He is my little brother, but man sometimes.....well you get my drift.

So I wrote him an actual paper letter. I had to hunt and hunt for writing paper. I think its amazing that I did not have it readily available. And I also find it quite sad. Sad that no one really sits and writes letters anymore. Its all technology now. I mean back when I was a kid I would be writing this in a journal, not here online. Crazy how things have changed. Just purely crazy.

Makes you wonder sometimes...


hangel said...

I will write T a letter! But, like you, I would have to hunt for paper...but I always have a supply of pens in my smock! Thanks for the post--without me nagging you about one! :-)