Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Confession

Now I don't believe in going into a little room, and spewing my confessions to a man. Be it that man is a priest, doesn't faze me at all. I just do not believe in that at all. I believe only in going straight to our Lord, Jesus Christ and asking for forgiveness. I just do not believe that a mere man who is still here on earth can have a direct connection to Jesus on my behalf. I think that connection should be between Jesus and I only.

That said, occasionally I voice my confessions to friends and family. Mainly in hopes that my "confession" will help someone else.

So here goes...

I am horribly ashamed that my bible has dust on it. Horribly ashamed. Now most people would say that it is just dust.

But that dust means so much more. It means I have not picked my bible up in a very long time. And for that I a m ashamed.

The Bible is the ultimate true written word from my Lord. He had it written down so that I could read it and absorb it, go back to it and see his word. And I haven't picked it up in so long.

I need to get my butt going, get it out of this ditch. And go back to where I belong. Right where Jesus wanted me, right where it belongs.