Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am writing a book

No really I am, seriously.

I am not sure anymore if anyone ever reads this blog.  I am half tempted to stop.  But I find it a bit therapeutic, so I will continue for awhile...

But anyways...

I am in fact writing a book.  It's based a bit on my marriage with some other stuff thrown in so that it makes for a more interesting book.  It's a long ways off,  but I am plugging away at it.

Here is the jist of it.

This woman is married to a man.  He was once successful, had a their marriage is in turmoil.  He has spent their savings, they live in ruins.  She is a successful advertising woman, works hard.  She decides she is going to leave him and start anew.
Then tragedy occurs.  He overdoses and gets into a car accident.  Now she is left to pick up the pieces yet again.

Thats what I have so far...for an idea.