Thursday, May 20, 2010

The appetite of the lazy craves and gets nothing, while the appetite of the diligent is richly supplied. Proverbs 13:4

I have been lazy.  I admit it wholeheartedly.  And I have been suffering from it.  Just read my latest blog about my depression.  It's been eating me up inside everyday.

I decided I was going to blog today about an accomplishment I had yesterday.  It was a horrible day, filled with many tears.  But I had one good thing come of it and I came here to blog about it.  I try to remember to add scripture to my blogs when it is extremely relevant to me at that particular time, particular blog, etc.  So I set out to find a perfect scripture that captured exactly what I was thinking.

And I found the above scripture, and it spoke volumes to me.  Just when I become a little complacent and feel that I am just right with what God is saying to me, he goes and pulls the wool over my eyes and shocks me a bit.  He helps me remember that I should go to him for the answers.

See I came here today to tell you that even though it was a horrible day I accomplished cleaning my downstairs tile floor.  Except for a little portion by the front door and under the kitchen table it looks spectacular.  Amazing honestly.

And I even cooked a meal that was sooo yummy.

So I looked for a scripture about rejoicing, keeping up the home.  And I found this one. 

Now what did it mean to me?  Well it reminded me that my being lazy is just making things worse.  Especially when it comes to my depression.  I need to get up and face the day.  I need to tackle challenges.  Even if I only do one little thing a day, its an accomplishment. And God will provide the much needed pat on the back when its done.

I really need to remember to just go back to the basics, go back to who matters....God. 

5 comments: said...

God is going to give you the Word you need instead of the Word you want. :-)

Sara said...

I <3 me some proverbs. Good for you for getting something done. It's so hard to get up out of the fog and push yourself and I am so proud of you!

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