Sunday, May 25, 2008

It started with a hole-puncher

The papers to hole punch were stacked on top of my desk. I decided during a rousing game of scrabble that it was time to hole punch them and put them in their home, the binder.

I dug thru file cabinet drawer and found the hole puncher. I also found a plethora of items I thought I had lost. So then began the decent that began the almost seemingly never ending pile of crap that is my life.

I dug threw things and decided to reorganize, throw things away and dust. Now three hours later everything has a space and its place.

And all is well in the world.

Remind me again never to go looking for the hole puncher.


hangel said...

I love that we play "rousing" games :-) hmmm..sounds kind of perverted. I mean it completely innocently!