Friday, May 23, 2008

Someday I may get it right

Until then, just deal with it!

So I have to be in charge of C's medicine. Yep thats my job. One I simply do not like but one I have. I have to get his medications ready for him and time and time again I get asked the same questions....what's this one? and this one? and this one? and what about this one?

And time and time again I answer him.

Tonight I forgot to bring homw an important one. And I admit I did, but after the 6 or 7 calls from him during the day interupting me, I guess I forgot.

And he is quite mad at me. Thinks he is going to go crazy without it. But I try and try to explain it is in his blood stream for 30 hours....but he doesn't listen. So I get to hear about how I am horrible, I can't get anything right...yada yada.


Someday I may get it right...


hangel said...

Sucks being human, doesn't it? Especially when you are expected to be superwoman and do everything and do it right and do it quickly. Join the club with the rest of us "failures" that do our best everyday and succeed most days, but only remember the mistakes :-) You are wonderful. Remember that.