Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So the water guy came today...

Unfortunately the beginning of anything involving the water guy came today can not be the beginning of anything good.

Now either my house was leaking from somewhere and needed divine intervention or the man was at my home to turn what water I do use off. And of course anyone knowing the predictament I am in, would know that it was not the flood coming that made this man show up. Nope, no floods here. Not a water flood nor a money flood.

Damn the water man showed up. Damn Damn

I forgot, or I should say neglected, to pay the water bill for a couple...ok a few, months. And he was here to turn it off. He happened to catch C outside and said he was here to turn us off. But for a mere $150 he could keep us connected. Because yes I have tons and tons and wads and wads of money at my disposal...all sitting here in my magic box. I am hording it don't ya know?

So in a frantic state of mind C came barrelling in the door screaming about the water being turned off and quick he needed a check. Now before I go on, one must know my husband is NOT on the checking account (why is for another post all in itself). So here I am, lying in bed, half asleep....with just a nightshirt on, listening to a 34 year old man scream like a girl about how the water was being turned off and how he needed a check right at that moment.

Now another interjection....did I mention I had been sleeping? So what happens when you have been sleeping for 8 hours and you rush out of bed???? Thats right boys and girls, you have to pee. Suddenly the gates of the bladder are screaming to be unleashed...and thats when the pee dance starts.

So here I am, having to piss like a fucking race horse, my husband is screaming like a 12 year old girl, I can't find a fucking check in my checkbook, I start to rummage thru the secret place I keep my new checks (no I am not telling you), and I have to piss...did I mention that?

So how did your day start? better than mine?