Friday, August 1, 2008

Interesting? Who me? Please

So I was so graciously given the tag to post 7 interesting things about myself. Thank good ole Courtney for giving me the tag.

Also thank her for the ever seemingly boring list that I am about to blog here. Because lord knows I am as boring as they get. 24 hours later and I still don't have the foggiest clue what I should really be listing. Here is my lame attempt.

1.I am the first in my immediate family to get a tatoo. Don't worry, it's in a harmless place.No need to cover your eyes.It's rated G.

2.I carry the badge of furbaby mommy very proudly. I can not have children right now, if ever. So my little furry babies (dogs and cats)are my children. And I am not weird about it, I promise. I don't dress them in weird outfits or anything.

3.I have never done an illegal drug, yet I get to play with drugs for a living and legally too! Yep you read right. Never touched an illegal drug ever. I was too damn scared of my Dad to ever do one. That and it never really appealed to me.

4.I am seriously freaked out by people taking earrings out of their ears.And when I say freaked out, I mean freaked out!It scares the shit
out of me!

5.I can not go on long car rides without anti-nausea medication.
Even if I am driving I need it. When I was younger I got car sick all the time.My parents thought I would grow out of it. Nope, never have.

6.I'm damn good at keeping secrets. I have a few up my sleeve right now. One in particular is HUGE news....

7.I can change the oil in a car, rotate the tires, rebuild a engine...but I refuse to touch a car battery! Car batteries freak me out for some reason. Maybe it was because of hearing one explode.

Ok, so enough of my lame list. I know pass on the tag to a wonderful gal who desperately needs to find out the interesting things about herself, the wonderful Miss Andi!


hangel said...

Thanks for following through even though you hate me for it! You are very interesting! Thats why I keep you around!