Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 days...What the hell am I thinking?

2 lucky and glorious days left until I am blessed enough to be sitting in a room with 50 other people pondering why in the hell I decided to take Human Anatomy & Physiology. Now you know they are asking themselves the same damn question.

The look of desperation and anxiety is clearly written on their faces. Just take a good look at them. They are the ones that turn around, look at everyone before class begins, hoping they see someone they know. But you never find someone you know. Because in reality your the moron of your group who decided that taking this upper level course would be fun. Pfft. Like I said, moron.

But have no fears. I am sitting in that same class as you. I look around too, scoping out the place, wondering who I can hit up to be a lab partner or study buddy. More often than not I never find a soul. Usually the class is filled with some kids fresh out of high school who only got into this class on a technicality because they "took" some other class in high school. And always they are the ones that drop like flies because who really cares if you pass or fail when Daddy is paying for your class. Bitter? Who me? Never.

So here I will be the oldie out of the class. The one who really really needs to pass the class and can not be bothered with "kids" goofing around in lab or lecture. My nose in a book is what I will be. I will have to hit up my friends, who thought their Anatomy lingo was long gone after they graduated, to quiz me and run thru my note cards with me. *snicker* But nope, they will be roped into helping me.

Until then I must sleep. Must sleep and get whatever sleep I can get, because hell or high water I am going to show all those "kids" that an oldie can get an A!


hangel said...

I remember ummm...very LITTLE A&P, but I will help you any way I can. You will get an A! Right, A?

Alexandria said...

Aw you'll do fantastic! Have no fear! And I HATE people who don't actually want to be there. They don't care if they're wasting people's time or money (even if it's Daddy's lol).

Btw, I found your blog through Baby Kottage (I'm gourmetalex there).