Monday, August 4, 2008

At some point... ( a list )

At some point I will:

-get my price list done for couponing
-clean off my desk
-mop the floor
-clean the dishes
-scrub the counters
-wash the mirrors
-do laundry
-go thru the never ending pile of laundry
-sort thru the mail
-organize the bookcase
-go thru boxes
-organize the curio cabinet
-wash the car
-reorganize the living room
-put together my backpack for college
-sort thru this pile of papers next to the comput
-give Lady a bath
-and whatever else I am supposed to be doing

But for now...Im off to a nursing seminar at the college to see if this program is for me. Wish me luck. I will post my findings tonight.


PDX Working Mama said...

Your list sounds similar to mine! I can never be bored because there's always something to organize and clean. I hope the seminar went well.