Sunday, September 20, 2009

Call Animal 911!

Quite often I am amazed at the antics of my animals. Brace yourself, I talk about them often enough to just almost step over the line into "Crazy Pet Lady". I am very careful with that. I don't want my legacy on this world to be "The Lady who wouldn't shut up about her animals".

So where was I? O yes, my animals.

So I am here watching the dearly departed Patrick Swayze's all-time most sexiest movie, Dirty Dancing. I look over to find Chester (my male cat) with his face shoved into the blanket. Gosh his life must be so overly devestating if he thinks his best way to go is to suffocate himself in my blanket.

The poor little guy. Ok he isn't so little. I took him to the vet a few years ago, had his manhood taken away, and he blew up. Blew up to about 20 pounds. I have a 20 pound cat, whose manhood is gone, he is slower than molasses, and now is shoving his face into my blanket. Think I should be concerned?


Sara said...

I personally have 57 cats. I have named them all. One is called Angel :P

I think you should be concerned when the animals start licking the power outlets. That is my bench mark. If they're that serious, then maybe it's time to get them to a pet psychiatrist.

You know what? I can one up your fat cat. I have a 30+ pound cat. Oh yes I do! I'm totally posting a picture of him on my blog right now.

(PS I miss you on TPP!)

Angel said...

Your a nut Sara. LOL

30 pounds? I am checking that one out!

I have those special outlet covers on my outlets. WHY? Who really knows, I don't have kids. Maybe to keep Chris from sticking his fingers in the outlets?