Saturday, September 19, 2009

Free tickets sound good, in the beginning...

So tonight I gathered up the posse. And when I say posse I mean my husband, mother and her boyfriend. I am such a badass, ain't I?

We went to yet another Arizona Diamondbacks game. This time our free tickets came with exceptional seats. Exceptional, I say! I could literally touch the wall between the stands and the field. It was beyond awesome.

That was until we sat down. The seats were angled in the most craziest way EVER. You had to turn your neck just right where you thought either your head is going to fall off or you just might NEVER get to turn your head again EVER!

So ok the seats are not in the greatest place like I thought. But that wasn't the only thing! Then we get to sit next to these pre-madonna's who think they are the queen bee's. Uggh! They reeked of nasty perfume. Chris said he thought many times of throwing up.

To top it all off, the Diamonbacks lost again! This makes the third game we have gone to where they lose. Now someone in their right mind may say, "maybe we shouldn't go to a game again. We are bad luck." But in my world I blame it all on my husband and tell him it's all his fault, where he in turn tell's me it's my fault.

And then I say, "well fine then. I'm gonna take back your matchy matchy shirt!"

I bought us matching Diamondback shirts during a moment of weakness and much less clarity then normal. Never in the 11 years he and I have been together have I ever bought us matching anything. So why now of all day's did I think it was a good idea to purchase matching t-shirts? I blame it on the hotdogs. Yep, the hotdogs. It's the drugs they put in those things.


Sara said...

I blame hot dogs and my husband for everything. Right now, we are out of diet coke. Hot dogs or husband for that one, do you think?

Angel said...

I say this one is gonna have to fall under the husband. And thats ONLY because hotdogs can't drink Coke.
Sorry Kevin! LOL