Monday, September 14, 2009

My husbands anti-everything on the computer...

He really is! I can't mess with him like other wives mess with their husbands.

He doesn't like:

Facebook- "I have to start a profile, then remember a password? No thanks, thats too much work."

Myspace- "I have a myspace, but I forgot the password"

Emails- "Its that password thing..."

So then I mention that I could write these "passwords" down next to the computer...

And he say's "But don't I have to have a password to get on the computer?"

*head hits desk*

So I guess I have a husband who won't be entertaining, let me make fun of him but pestering him on the interwebs, or engage in online love comments to me. But I do guess there is some kind of secret thrill with knowing I can say whatever I want without him ever seeing it. *insert evil grin and laugh*