Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The dream that has me wondering.

I had a very disturbing dream. I am still thinking about it here 24 hours afterwards.

So I was dreaming about being on a boat. It was a huge boat with rooms, and bathrooms, and all kinds of things. I remember it being big, probably like Titanic big, but not as glamorous. But sink worthy just like the Titanic.

So I am on this boat. I remember being on it with some friends. I can picture them, but don't know their names. And I was with my father. Why of all people in the world he was there, I wasn't sure but at the end of the dream I understood why.

We are having drinks, laughing, having a good time.

Suddenly the boat breaks in half, starts to sink, as we are just there laughing and having a good time. Next thing I know my Dad is getting into this truck that drives under water. In the seat is my dog, Lady. She is telling me (yes telling me, cause apparently in this bizarroland she can talk), that I need to hightail it and run towards her.

I take off running towards her, cause wouldn't you? If your little bitty dog is talking wouldn't you be all, "dude my dog is talking."

Then suddenly we are underwater. I am running on the floor of the ocean towards the truck. People are acting weird and not even worried they are underwater. My Dad is attaching a rope to the truck. The rope is tied to the boat and he is going to pull it to shore. Cause his truck is like monster truck strong and can pull a truck the size of the Titanic.

And I am then sitting in the truck saying, "dude this crap is weird, no one cares." And my Dad says, "they don't care because of the booze."

Booze? Who the heck knows. I was confused then and still am.

So he pulls the boat to the shore and then the people are mad at him. Mad cause they are underwater people who like the water. So they start to throw seaweed at him.

Then I woke up.

Do you think that Vicodin I took before bed had any effect?


Sara said...

Hey you! Everything OK? I'm missing my hutdog fix. :)