Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just for you, Sara...Insurance Companies Suck!

Here is a blog post just for Sara, who mentions that I am neglecting my posts ;)

I get a phone call today, explaining that my auto insurance has lapsed. Huh? How can it lapse? I am on direct withdrawl from my checking account, just so this won't happen!

The stupid insurance company didn't take the money out of my account, like I had thought. First they tell me it's because of insufficient fund (lie, total lie, I had way more money in the account than the stupid payment) and then next it's my account was closed (lie again). I am so freaking mad at them its ridiculous.

So I highly suggest staying completely away from Progressive Auto Insurance.


Sara said...

YAY! I get to have my huttdog today!

You know, no company will ever admit to anything being their fault. Ever. If you do ever find one that will, don't ever leave them. For some reason, insurance companies seem to be the worst for this.

Angel said...

Well they admitted having two accounts on my file, one being one I have no clue what that account number is for. But instead of taking the money out of the account that they took the money out of the previous month, they decided to try to take it out of this weird and random account. I told them to take a flying leap off a cliff, this isn't the first mistake they made.

Sara said...

LOL So, did they take a leap off the cliff?