Monday, November 12, 2007

She is really the greatest!

Now I know only one person really reads this blog that I call the babbling of my life. I know that she is the only person who cares about this babbling. But I feel compelled to write out the great things that make up her existance.

She is really the greatest because:

She cares about the little things in life.
She laughs at my most strangest humor.
She gets the fact I make no sense.
She understands the nonsense that comes outta my mouth.
She picks me up when I have fallen.
She is someone I never have to second guess their intentions.
She is someone who is really a joy to have around.
She is hilarious!
She makes the most yummiest applesauce (with just the right amount of cinnamon!)
She gets, understands, and even gets down to my level of dorkness.
She gets just as excited as I do about coupons.
She was my matron of honor.

**(There is so much more, but honestly the tears have clouded my sight!)**

And most importantly she is my friend.

Thank God for this wondeful person in my life. She has her own troubles, but is always there to listen. And she often isnt thanked for all she does.

So my friend, thank you for being you! Your the greatest!

Love Ya!


hangel said...

Love you too. Thanks for posting that...I will bring you more applesauce. :-)
You are a great friend! Thanks for always being there for me.

hangel said...

I wish I had a new blog to read
Hmmmm...I am the greatest and the most annoying!