Monday, November 12, 2007

"It's only money"

Boy do I hate that comment!

Every once in awhile I am reminded at just how little I have, moneywise that is. Im not talking about all the other things in life, I know I am blessed. But sometimes, just sometimes I wanna check out of this dump and run away.

There are people in my life who constantly splurge on things that do not matter then hastily tell me that "It's only money". When those words are cast into air, it only makes me want to rip them to shreds and throw them down the person who said them, throat. I mean seriously! Have these people ever not had money to say buy food, pay their phone bill, pay the car bill, or how about that pair of shoes that are killing your feet but you have to wear them because they are the only ones you have? Have they? I think not, because if they did then they certainly would be much more cautious of the words they cast into society.

Those types of people know who they are. They do. They know the hate and blatant disregard for human beings that they cast into the universe. They know who they are and I dont even have to call their names out on it.

O and in case your wondering (the one person who reads this lol) isnt you...LOVE YA! And your the bestest!