Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Someday I will get to that has come

Everyone has things that they always say they will get to. Whether its that stack of bills, the trash needing to be taken out, that much needed cleaning of the baseboards in the house, or cleaning and scrubbing out the fridge. And it seems we hardly ever get to those things. Something always comes up. Why is that? What is so important that keeps us from cleaning the baseboards? Cause lord knows the world will end very tragically if those are not cleaned.

None the less I am on vacation, much to the dismay of my fellow coworkers. See, every year I try to take my alotted vacations. And every single time I try to take a vacation, some scheduling crisis happens. It is never a pleasant time. I am approved the time off, yet I know that it causes alot more work for those I work with. And I know how hard it is on them. I really do wish it wasnt so hard. And I do mean that from the bottom of my heart, the tips of my toes, and the empty space in my head.

So I am now officially on vacation for 9 days (think blogs will get done, I know YOU are happy, and you know who YOU is). I really have no concept of exactly what I will be doing. I mean it really sounds almost sacreligious to clean baseboards on a vacation I am being paid to take. I mean isnt there some commandment that I will break doing that? Thou shalt not work on a paid vacation? Makes perfect sense to me!

Any objections? Any? Going once....going twice......!!!! SOLD!!!! I will lazily earn my vacation pay!

Ok if you know me that wont happen at all. You know I will be down on all fours scrubbing the heck out of those darn baseboards! And why the heck do they get so friggin dirty?


hangel said...

I don't care if you wash your baseboards or not...but there will be at least ONE day of being lazy and hanging out with me! Lunch, window shopping, whatever...we are there!