Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This thing we call the holiday season...

So generally the holiday season is wonderful, filled with joy and happiness. Its about spending time with family, enjoy each others presence, being good to your common man or woman. Right?

Um has whom ever said this before worked retail? I think not.

So yesterday I am waiting my turn o so patiently at the deli for a sandwich. I let a person go ahead of me in line, thinking I was being nice, but also relishing in the fact that it means I am let loose from the dungeon I call a pharmacy. Finally its my turn. I order my sandwich and make chit-chat with the deli manager who is making my sandwich.

All of a sudden this woman from god knows where walks up to the counter and shouts above my conversation. She yells, "you put ham and turkey on the label on this sandwich, looks to me like its beef". Then she throws the sandwich down hard on the counter and walks away.

Now tell me is that what the holiday season is about? Cutting in line, belittling people and throwing things? And all because of a sandwich?

What the heck has this world come to where we throw sandwiches?


hangel said...

Ahhhh...gotta love retail! At least you got your sandwich made by someone there who knows that peppercinis are NOT olive mix! :-)