Saturday, November 24, 2007

Make sure to buy yourself something!

Thats what Chris tells me everytime I leave the house to go shopping. Normally I will pick myself up something small and when I get home he just shakes his head. He expects more. But recently he has commented on how low maintence I am and how he really is lucky in that regard.

So today I decide I MUST venture out into the shopping madness. I have this $10 gift card that Kohls sent me. Its free money right? Well off I go with Courtney.

After a scenic route (long story), we finally find Kohls. We are at the mecha! The place is brand new! Ahhh another place that hasnt met the dynamic duo! He He

We browse the racks and find alot of wonderful deals. Courtney finds gifts for tons of people. And I find some things I like too. Ok not some, alot, but things I can not afford none the less. But I was making mental notes of things I MUST have once Chris gets a job.

We get to the register and Courtney gets rung up first. Now I will not divuldge how much she spent, but it took alot of reassuring on my part that she was getting alot of names knocked off her list. Which, lemme tell you she must know just about everyone on this earth! I can't even think of as many people as she has to buy presents for.

Next I get rung up. I am buying a angel picture holder, a headband, and a ornament. All very cute! And all things I walked out of the store with, having not spent a dime.

Gotta love sales and Free money!


hangel said...

You were a bad, I mean good influence on me shopping! And I have over 30 people to shop for and I found wonderful things for at least 10 people on my list! Wanna go again tomorrow? :-) Thanks for the adventure anyway!