Friday, November 9, 2007

37.5 hours

That was how long I was awake yesterday.

And I lived to tell about it! Holy smokes!

So what happened? LOL, you had to ask............

It was 1am. I decided it was time to go to bed. I just finally settle into bed and Chris comes walking into the bedroom, holding his stomach, tears down his face and swear pouring off him. I ask him what is wrong. He tells me his stomach hurts like before he had had his gallbladder taken out. This is EXTREMELY serious I tell myself, recalling those days. I ask him if he wants to go to the hospital. He hesitates for along while, then finally relents.

Off to the hospital we go. They run tests, tests, more tests. Inject drugs, inject more drugs, wait none for me? How Rude!

After a long long time, we know nothing. They think he had gastrointer....something or another. They send us home with pain meds, and stomach stuff.

I run to work, where the bestest Pharmacist in the whole world has filled his pain meds. Then I run back home, change clothes, then run back to work the shift that I am sooo sooo late for.

I was extremely tired and on the brink of becoming delirious. But thankfully I got thru that and got home in one piece. And I fell asleep very early! Well at like 930, which is very early to me. LOL.

But I am glad to report that the stomach pains have subsided, unfortunately there are still bouts of nausea....but all is ok.

Thank the Lord above for weekends!