Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yep just what I thought

One response for the last blog?

It's official...I have a fan base of ONE! I don't know wether to be sad or be happy. Now mind you that fan base of one is the greatest fan base ever...but my hopes of maybe having that base exceed maybe the occupancy of a small compact car was completely crushed.

Like I said I am sad. What's even worse is that I tell this person practically everything (exception is bowel movements...urine movements is another story), what the heck else will I have to blog about? Pretty soon that fan base of ONE will become zero....and then I will be sad.


hangel said...

But, I left you two comments, so therefore I count as two people. And technically I could count as many as four! HA HA HA!

You will never get rid of me. You can not blog forever and I will still haunt your blog.

By the way...the word verification I must type in to get this comment to post is amgod. I AM GOD?!