Saturday, January 26, 2008

I have this theory...hear me out...

So I have this theory. I am by no means a rocket scientist...I barely passed Lab in Chemistry (damn teacher and her panties in a wad...O wait thats another story). But I do know something about theories.

I've talked about my theory of American Idol and the insane people who go on it. How they are horrible and that the only reason why these horrible people go on American Idol is because there clearly is NOT someone in their lives who loves them. Someone who loves them enough to tell them they suck and will make a ass out of themselves for the whole world to see.

But I have a new theory.

I was checking out some other blogs, reading and laughing. When I came across one that talked about the all mighty Girl Scout Cookies. Suddenly I was dreaming of a Samoa or a Thin Mint in my mouth. My mouth was drooling. Wanting to savour the sweet existance of the Girl Scout Cookie. Ahhh...pure heaven.

Wake up to reality...

First and foremost, I can't get one right now anyways. They are just in the midst of ordering them. And yes I know they are because my bosses daughter is a Girl Scout. (Note to self: Make sure to tell boss that his daughter can NEVER stop being a Girl Scout and even if I have to I will take her to her meetings...that way there is always a IN for the cookies) And yes I have ordered a box or two...ok 5. Shut up. I dont need a lecture.

Secondly, I simply can NOT eat them. Its not indicative of the eating habits I have now. Im trying to eat better. Im trying to lose weight. But Damn those cookies!

So my theory?

The Girl Scouts have a evil plan. They produce these ordering sheets in hopes of your ordering. And if you dont, then they man a little girl at the door of a grocery store. Where she bats her eyes, looks sad because you just might tell her no, and has signs up about helping their troop reach their goal so they can go to the zoo of all places. Its a evil plan because how in the world are you supposed to tell a little girl in brown no? Tell me how?

And they do this all the first two months of a New Years Resolution! Conspiracy? I think so.

But Damn those cookies are good!


hangel said...

Those cookies are good. And how can you resist them? I can't. They girl scouts are paid by the gyms and the weight loss plans to make us fatter so we will go to them. Evil!