Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sometimes life makes you wonder...

I've contemplated many times in the past few days exactly what I would blog here about. I've come up short each time. Each time thinking, praying, hoping for something that would be inspiring or absolutely worth reading. Each time I failed.

Things that matter and seem important really are not in the grand scheme of things. Regretting getting up in the morning, not important...forgetting to eat lunch, really not important....getting stuck in traffic, sooo not important.

What is important?

Life. Your life, your loved ones lives, and friends lives.

Its all that matters in this world. Nothing else matters when it comes to the life of someone you hold dear to your heart.

Why the dramatic blog, full of sobs and stained in tears?


The attached article is that of an accident. One that a friend of mine is in. Her name is Debbie. In the bus with her was her husband (Sabre), sons (Alfred & Kenney, daughter (Jasmine), mother (Peggy) and sister in law (Carolyn). In the accident, Jasmine, Peggy and Carolyn died.

Sabre and Debbie are in the hospital. Debbie is still in critical condition, having fractured her pelvic bone, neck, tailbone and has 2 collapsed lungs. She is currently on a ventilator. Sabre is also hospitalized, although I am not 100% certain of the extent of his injuries (the stories keep changing.

I can't get into too much of what has happened, because alot of it still isnt 100% confirmed. Plus I am emotional about it.

I will try to blog more on it later....

Please pray for those all involved.


hangel said...

Life makes you wonder all of the time. Things like this just show you how precious some things are. Take nothing for granted. Just so you know, I really value your friendship! Happy Birthday, my dear!