Saturday, January 26, 2008

Can we say Holy Shit?!?!

I embarked on my normal grocery endeavor last night. I had my list all planned to the T. And they actually had every single thing I needed. That in itself is a miracle from God.

Whenever there is a good sale at this grocery store its enevidable they run out of half of my list. Then I grunt, moan, complain, and sift thru the rest of my coupons contemplating leaving my entire cart in the middle of a isle. Leaving it for some dimwit in the store to finally put back. But I was raised better than that. Raised to keep my mouth shut, buy the crap and get the hell out of the store. So I usually do.

Last night was a weird experience with the store being stocked, but the most random people go to the store in the late evening. Just random people. Take the twenty some-thing year olds, sifting their way thru the store with just a carry basket. The poor guy is carrying it all the while the girl is shoving things in the basket. It looked like the poor guys arm was going to come off.

And then there was the woman with 5 kids. All under the age of 10. How the hell she managed to get them all out of the car, into the store, and within a 10 foot distance from her I will never know. She deserves a medal or something.

And then there is the grumpy old mad who clearly lives by himself. Grumpy in the sense that he has a scowl on his face, pushing his cart like a mad man, and huffing and puffing. Clearly alone by the looks of just two bananas in his cart.

And then there is me. Armed with coupons, scouring the isles, wanting to get out of the store quickly and for the cheapest amount possible.

So whats the Holy Shit in all of this? Here is what I got:

3 Dole Salad Mixes
1 Orange Punch
3 packages sliced Turkey
2 packages Beer Brats
3 packages of Dog treats
1 hairspray
1 toothpaste
1 deodarant
3 packages sliced cheese
2 bars of cheese
4 packages of shredded cheese
3 boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese (not the cheap boxes)
2 packages instant potatoes
4 bottles of Kraft Ranch Dressing
1 bottle of Kraft Italian Dressing
1 bottle of Kraft Creamy Italian Dressing
2 Purell Hand Sanitizers
2.52 lbs of Bananas
0.56 lbs of Yellow Onion

Grand Total= $25.11 (that I paid)

I saved $93.17 (of that $48.47 in coupons, $44.70 in in store promotions)
Total Savings= 80%

Can we say Holy Shit?!?!?


The other me said...

Holy SHIT! that is the best shopping trip ever! Well done you.

hangel said...

I second that! Holy Shit! Thanks for shopping with me today! WOO HOO for the deals!