Thursday, January 17, 2008

They found me...they are attacking me...

So in an effort to eat healthier I have bought some good foods....that are completely deceiving.

On Tuesday for lunch I bought, what appeared to be, yummy canned tuna fish salad with crackers. So I open them and start eating....

Hmm whats this orange thingy?

A carrot? What???? I search all thru the ingredients and printed really really small almost to the end of the list is carrots.

Now seriously who puts carrots in tuna fish salad? Apparently Bumble Bee (makers of this tuna fish salad) do.

So I go home later that night....

I whip out a lean hot pocket that is whole wheat. Its broccoli, cheddar and turkey. Follow me here?

I start eating it...

What the heck?


Its another flippin carrot! And no where on the ingredient list is carrots.

So I go into the fridge to get some juice (after eating the hot pocket) and sitting on the top shelf of my fridge????

You guessed it! A flippin bag of carrots!

Now, carrots are yummy. I have no issues with them. I do eat them and enjoy them alot. But I think there is some subliminal message here.

Could it be the fact that I went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago and he flat out told me my eyes are slowly getting worse?

So someone, save me from this insanity. Everywhere I turn is some carrots. LOL


hangel said...

Thanks for finally posting. I thought you were going to say that there were carrots in your juice! I like carrots, too, but I haven't had a lot lately...maybe because you have them all! HA HA HA!