Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What?!? I didnt blog about this?!?!

How can that be? How could I not blog about such an exciting event in my life?

I mean really, don't you all want to hear it? O wait, who is you anyways? I mean really I only know 1 person who reads this rambling. Although there may be more now that I have freely admitted to a few that this rambling is owned by me. Yes these are my thoughts, yes I am nuts, yes I am on medication, and yes I do need help. Care to help me?

Ok enough about my insaneness....

So I am going on a trip. A wonderful and beautiful trip. All by my lonesome without a husband to ask me a million questions about things that I honestly could care less about. Without a husband who nags me and drives me bonkers and makes me want to run for the hills, screaming the entire way, "I can't hear you!" Seriously I do love him with my whole heart, but I need to get away. My mind is tired.

So I am flying to Boston. Boston? Why Boston? Well for various reasons really. Number one, Cathy, my friend, is giving me this wonderful gift. She is making this whole trip possible. And because of her kindness, love, friendship, and everything else that she is, I am able to travel far from home for the first time in my life. Granted I have never physically met Cathy, I consider her my friend. That is until I find out she is a fat, hairy, middle-aged, balding man. That will be the moment I turn and run back thru security at the airport. All kidding aside, she is truely a angel.

I get to meet some wonderful women that I have met online. Women that I have never met in person, but have always treated me like a friend. Women who have made me laugh, picked me up when I was down, made me cry, and almost pee my pants.

I can hardly wait! I get to go in exactly 1 MONTH!

I am a ball of nerves. I am flying literally across the country. It's not the flying that has me nervous, or even meeting new people, but the airport is freaking me out. I have absolutely no idea why, and catch myself laughing at myself for how dumb I truely sound. But hey, I have only flown twice in my life. Both times were between California and Arizona, so it wasn't like a "real" trip or anything. This is a REAL adventure for me. And I am scared.

That and I am totally not prepared for this weather I am about to encounter. I come from the land of desert. The land of dirt, sweat, hot days, melting your skin, hair on fire, almost pass out from heat exaustion...you get my drift. How in the world am I supposed to live thru cold? Thru snow? Thru wind? I will live just fine. I will enjoy every single moment of it. After all its a grand adventure right? I think so, yet butthead (aka husband) keeps telling me I will freeze my nipples off. What a butthead!

I can't wait for the adventure. The sights I will see. I hope to take lots and lots of pictures. Probally way too much to post here. But I will take a bunch. And I will bask in the glory of a quiet hotel room, a bed to myself, a bathroom to myself...all alone. O wait! I will miss the puppy. Too bad I can't take her. I would in a heartbeat.

I pray that butthead (aka husband) takes care of all my babies while I am gone. That and he picks my butt up from the airport like he is supposed to. Thankfully I have a sure ride to the airport....Cathy would KILL me if I didnt!


hangel said...

You will be totally fine flying and navigating the airports--and the babies at home will survive. I promise you that. As for freezing your nipples off...there is always that possibility, but I think chances are good you will lose a finger or toe--or nose first. If you start to see a finger turn black from frostbite, cover your "girls" up even better! Wishing you a GRAND adventure!