Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mittens-Check, Toothpaste-Check, Coat-......

So I am packing for this trip to Boston. Yes I know its like 25 days away, but I am just about as anal retentive as the next lunatic in the insane asylum. Yes I am on medication for it, but that is another blog for another day.

OK, so I am making a list (yes I have checked it twice, maybe even more, and I ain't no damn Santa). I have just about everything on this list even a coat. At least its somewhere in this house. I think its in the guest room under the twenty piles of clothes I have. Literally twenty piles it seems. But for me to have a coat that would even be suitable to wear to Boston during the winter is a miracle and kinda strange in its own sense.

Its strange because I live in Arizona, and I would never wear a coat like this. I'm usually a light coat kinda gal. I'm thinking the simple fact that I own this jacket just solidifies the fact that I own way too much crap.

Ironically I have nothing to hold all of this crap I am taking in. Crazy huh? You would think in this Stanford & Son remake of a house I would have a suitcase. I can't even find the duffel bag I "thought" I owned. I must have thrown it out or something. I have no idea. The only semi suitable compartment that I own is a little bitty suitcase (think big enough to hold one pair of shoes) that my grandmother gave me, circa 1950. That's the suitcase I shove miscellaneous pictures in and then shoved in the back of the closet. Lord I can't even believe I am admitting to owning such a relic.

So anyways. I've made this list a few times, editing, rewriting (much to the dismay of Courtney I presume lol), and tweaking. I think I have it all just about figured out.

Now all I need is the suitcase, which I think Courtney said she had one for me, and to find the coat I have.

And then I am to the land of snow and cold!


hangel said...

I like the Valentine's day theme! Of course I have a suitcase for 5. You can pick! Don't panic. I will make sure you are packed and packed well. :-) You will have a great time!